The (Re)Opening Act

Author: ToddUncommon

I’d like to think of this as a long-time invitation finally fulfilled.  Last spring, Mario asked if I would be willing to contribute to Wax Heaven.  I’ve been posting as ToddUncommon here and on some popular hobby blogs for over a year, so some of you may recall some comments I’ve made here and there.  I’ve always made time for comments (that’s easy), but thanks to Mario, I now have the benefit of a commitment.  I try to be funny.  Sometimes I even succeed.

In anticipation of Mario’s return to Wax Heaven, I’ll toss out some hobby commentary (like “high end” won’t save collecting; it’s just the lead car on the hobby lollercoaster), some wax crackin’, some wise crackin’, and general tomfoolery.  My occupational life history in 3D graphics software should help provide a unique perspective (though, thankfully, no Tron suits with moose knuckle). Except for that time. Just now.

My collecting tendencies are towards vintage and oddball stuff, mostly baseball and football.  I also can’t avoid my now almost primal need to open up new wax, score some hits, and put a few sets together. Add that to over 30 years of experience, and this should be fun.

Credentials, you ask?  I’ve been collecting since I was six.  My grandmother bought me the first cards I can remember. She got a a rack pack for me that contained a Reggie, a Bobby Bonds, Honus and Ted ATGs, and the only name I recognized, Hank Aaron:

I used to keep it in my dresser drawer when I was seven.  Other kids would make fat offers to trade it when I was in middle school. I got it hand-signed by The Man at a show in Portland, Oregon in 1984.  For my collection / accumulation / unintentional hoard, this card is my FILO: First In, Last Out.

Thanks for the invite, Mario, and looking forward to helping Wax Heaven keep on keepin’ on.

16 thoughts on “The (Re)Opening Act

  1. Great story about that Hank Aaron; love that it was signed by THE MAN in person. And congrats on being a contributing author to the “new” Wax Heaven.

  2. You’ve got your work cut out for you with some big shoes to fill.
    In all seriousness – good luck and thanks for taking over!

  3. Glad to see a new post here on Wax Heaven with indications Mario will be back soon. I still visit this site daily waiting for the next post and reading prior posts. Nice to meet you ToddUncommon.

    I hope Mario is holding it down and I look forward to hearing from him soon as well.

  4. was hoping to see a comeback; first heard of this blog when SCU posted news it was shutting down; enjoyed looking at old posts, vidoes, and comments, glad to see it back!

  5. Wow this is an early Christmas present… I look forward to reading your articles… and hopefully Mario’s in the future.

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