The Wax Heaven Official Brand

6 12 2009

While I’m not exactly thrilled to be walking away from Wax Heaven, I have to say I am somewhat relieved that I won’t be able to do my End of the Year special, titled ‘The Waxxies’. It’s just a lot of work.

Rather than focus on the best of 2009 I figured it would be good to write about the best product of all-time, in my humble opinion. While it would be hard not to give the award to Pinnacle Brands for their many great releases, I’ve decided to think outside the (wax) box.

I believe the best brand ever to be released came from Fleer / Skybox. The first release came in 1995 and was simply titled ‘Emotion’. The following year it was ‘Emotion-XL’ but it was in 1997 that they really came into their own as E-X 2000.

To this day, I have never seen a trading card quite like it. It truly is one of the greatest, most artistic releases to come out of The Hobby and although Upper Deck now owns the name, I don’t think they will ever be done “right” again.

You can check out a box break of 1997 E-X 2000 HERE. You can also more coverage here. E-X returned in 1998 with a design that was way over the top and not quite as great as the years before. Although the magic was clearly gone, parallels from the 1998 release make a killing on eBay.

Below is a sample gallery featuring the ‘Emotion’ brand. Each year is represented and today you can find unopened boxes hovering for around $40 dollars on eBay and sometimes even less at card shows. If you love great photography and truly unique card designs, any of these four issues are sure to please.




4 responses

6 12 2009

I like the original Emotion (far left), but I’m not crazy about the design of the rest.

6 12 2009

1995 Emotion is my first completed set… It’s not worth anything to collectors monetarily, but truly the first design that really got me hooked, I could never let it go. … the weight of the cards, the glossy overlam… great photography and the bold design… truly unique!… I was Hooked.

and as a Clevelander it was made better by the best year my Indians ever had – coupled with Cal Ripkin’s great achievements, the collection reminds me of how much baseball is a part of my psyche …

6 12 2009

I agree… I love this Fleer/Skybox line… I never broke any Emotion baseball, but I still have my 94/95 Emotion basketball set somewhere. I love how it eventually evolved into the EX line. The acetate cards from EX are some of my favorites of all time.

6 12 2009

I love the 97 but the paralells are too expensive for my taste

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