Truth be told, I never expected this day to come. For the record, I shut down the site about two years ago due to frustration but it only lasted a couple of days.

Today, I am shutting down Wax Heaven and it has absolutely nothing to do with trading cards. Simply put, I spent way more time than I should have writing and collecting and didn’t take time to appreciate all the things I had.

I am now starting a new (single life) at the age of 29. I won’t have time to blog and probably won’t even have Internet for a few months while I get my finances straightened out. As for the site’s future …

Wax Heaven will remain open and you will still have a chance to read and participate in discussions for over 2,600 stories written in 2+ years. I have given administrative power to a friend who will approve comments but there will be no new content.

On a less serious note: I will continue my 20-year obsession with collecting Jose Canseco baseball cards and will continue to support the Florida Marlins, so long as they keep Andrew Miller. If possible, you might even see some Spring Training photos in 2010.

Until then, I want to thank everyone who helped the site grow from a 15 visits per day card blog in October of 2007 to a 3,000-5,000 visitor site by mid-2009. It was more work than I ever imagined but worth every minute I put into it.

Make sure to check out all the card blogs in the Sports Cards Blogroll for your fix of trading card news and commentary and the Best Of section for some of the more memorable happenings at Wax Heaven since the beginning of the site.

Best Wishes,

-Mario Alejandro

Still the greatest card ... ever.