All Good Things Come To An End

Truth be told, I never expected this day to come. For the record, I shut down the site about two years ago due to frustration but it only lasted a couple of days.

Today, I am shutting down Wax Heaven and it has absolutely nothing to do with trading cards. Simply put, I spent way more time than I should have writing and collecting and didn’t take time to appreciate all the things I had.

I am now starting a new (single life) at the age of 29. I won’t have time to blog and probably won’t even have Internet for a few months while I get my finances straightened out. As for the site’s future …

Wax Heaven will remain open and you will still have a chance to read and participate in discussions for over 2,600 stories written in 2+ years. I have given administrative power to a friend who will approve comments but there will be no new content.

On a less serious note: I will continue my 20-year obsession with collecting Jose Canseco baseball cards and will continue to support the Florida Marlins, so long as they keep Andrew Miller. If possible, you might even see some Spring Training photos in 2010.

Until then, I want to thank everyone who helped the site grow from a 15 visits per day card blog in October of 2007 to a 3,000-5,000 visitor site by mid-2009. It was more work than I ever imagined but worth every minute I put into it.

Make sure to check out all the card blogs in the Sports Cards Blogroll for your fix of trading card news and commentary and the Best Of section for some of the more memorable happenings at Wax Heaven since the beginning of the site.

Best Wishes,

-Mario Alejandro

Still the greatest card ... ever.

102 thoughts on “All Good Things Come To An End

  1. Good luck getting your life in order, Mario. I don’t know how hard it may be for you, but you’re a smart guy, so I’ve no doubt you can do it. We’ll keep it locked down here in cyberspace. Don’t be a stranger. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Judging by what you have turned this place in to in a couple short years I have full faith that you will find success in whatever you pursue. It is hard to walk the tenuous line between passion and obsession. I hope from the bottom of my heart that you will find the joy and happiness you have brought to all your loyal readers. Good luck Mario

  3. Seems like a shame to shut it down when you have the following that you do. With the amount of hits you are getting there must be a way to turn this “hobby” into a career. I guess you won’t have time now that you are the single guy that you are. The man of mystery getting all shagadelic on the scene, swinging both ways and partying on. Yeah baby.

  4. It’s like when one of your favorite players retires. Best wishes Mario!

  5. Mario, this is a very sad day.
    I wish you the very best, b/c you created a one of a kind blog that changed card collecting over the past few years. I looked forward to reading it every day.
    Thank you for your generousity, as well. You could have kept the cards that you were sent, but instead offered them to your readers.
    Take Care

  6. Hey, sorry to hear about this. Just hope you read this message. I recently acquired Jose Canseco GU Wrist Bands w/COA. Looking for $50 Yankees or Hanley Ramirez comparable. It is on several message boards for best offer with these terms. Let me know by email or on topps/bench/scf under yankeefreak211

    Thanks and hope you get this message.

  7. Mario, as someone who has watched your site grow from 5000 hits to over 1.5 million hits, I want to wish you the best of luck. Any Canseco card is yours and if you ever get the itch to write again, you can always write on badwax.

    Good luck my friend with everything!

  8. Im sorry to hear about any bad news, it’s been great reading your site, you’ve certainly helped add to my Canseco collection with your generosity, I look foward to hearing about any new adventures you encounter.

  9. Sad to see it come to an end, but we thank you Mario for all you’ve done. You’ve have a tremendous impact on our hobby, believe it or not. The success of this blog has caused many to create their own, which has given voice to collectors who previously were left to leaving comments only on message boards. Your content was entertaining, and the contests were simply amazing. Hope all goes well in the future.


  10. Mario,
    Sorry to see you go, your thoughts, insights, and goodwill will be missed.
    Best of luck in your future endeavors.

    Paul from Jersey

  11. Thanky uo for putting out such a good blog, I’ll miss reading… good luck getting things in order and sorry to hear about your “new life”

  12. I have thoroughly enjoyed this site and will continue to check up on it. I think 97-98 was the greatest year of collecting ever and many of your posts have had me revisit this year(I was 13 at the time). Enjoy your hiatus and best of luck.

    Chris S-

  13. We’ll miss you Mario. I have a single color patch of Andrew Miller (as a Tiger) from this years Unique if you have any interest.


  14. Mario,
    When I found this blog a few years ago, it was like no other. Your personality shone, through your writings… you are like me, an everyday, regular guy. I guess that’s why me and thousands others are drawn here.
    Your posts about the “Infamous One”, the rescued puppy, the missing Mustang, trips to the minor league parks and hundreds more kept me coming back for more. The reviews were good, as were the eBay shenanigans you uncovered, but it was the honesty in your style that made you a hit. I don’t know you personally, but I have a good idea that you are my kind of guy.
    Changes in life, good and bad, happen to us all. You are not alone. God bless you.
    Love you man (not in a gay way), Larry the sewingmachineguy

  15. Thank you Mario. Good luck on all of life’s endeavors, and I hope they treat you well.

  16. mario, thank you for everything, you are truly a great person, and i hope that you sort everything out. its been fun, and god bless! _your friend, anthony

  17. I just wanted to say thanks for everything! This was the 1st card blog I found and read after I got back into collecting. None of my friends are even interested in baseball, let alone collecting cards and I’ve never seen more than one other person in the card section of my local hobby shop. So finding this blog really made me realize I wasn’t alone! haha While I have found a few other blogs that I read daily, Wax Heaven was only one of two that I have “bookmarked”. So with that, I again just wanted to say thank you and good luck with everything!

  18. I refuse to say goodbye or to believe this is the end. I prefer to believe that you will return to the blogsphere refreshed and better than ever after you settle in and start the next chapet of your life. Thank you Mario for everything. All the best my friend.

  19. Thanks for taking the time to educate more people about the hobby Mario. I’ve always enjoyed the blog and will definitely miss it. I hope your “new” life brings you a lot of happiness.

    Mike in Austin

  20. Best of luck with your future endeavors. You’ve brought back a passion for this wonderful in many of us – for that we all are forever in debt! Take care.

  21. Mario, I would like to thank you for what you have done over the past 2 years. You have put the words of may collectors to life. Every time you would blog it was like my thoughts came out with the fustrations of the hobby. My first day on your blog was an accident when looking for baseball cards on ebay, it linked to your site. From that day I have daily checked this site first for something that could make my day a little more interesting. Sometimes in life you have to stop and smell the roses. Make every little thing count, and with life you just have to understand it is all about circumstances. So don’t think this is a begining of a new think of it as a door opening to all things possible. Again thank you for everything you have done, you have reached out to millions, and you will forever be king of the Heaven. You went out on top like many before you, and that can never be something that can never come to an end.

  22. Mario
    All I can say is this when one door closes another one will open! I really enjoy your passion for this hobby.You know I look forward everyday going to your site! Your site provides a real life collector’s view and you’re the voice of so many of us collectors! I hope after a few days or weeks that you come back to do what you do best and thats to be the voice of the True Die Hard Collectors! I appeciate you letting me be a part of this site! I would consider you Mario to be my friend! If you should need anything feel free to email me or even call me. Again Thank You for Having Me
    Your Friend Retired Lieutenant Paul R. Destralo

  23. dude don’t let a chick get u down man….sorry bout your personal issues man, your blog helped me get back into collecting man, so i’m sad to see you go .. you a fellow florida cat too… hey good luck , i hope you come back one day … peace

  24. Many many thanks Mario for the good times here. I can understand that live changes at a point… All the best for your future you are a good guy. Head up!

  25. All the best Mario. U came back into the hobby after a hiatus and u can do it again

  26. I was shocked when I heard you were closing Wax Heaven. I guess I always taken your consistency and frequency of your posts for granted. You were one of the bloggers that inspired me to blog and I sure you’re a big reason on why the card blogosphere is thriving today.

    I wish you the best of luck and you will me missed.

  27. A dark day in the hobby for sure. I’ve got a long list of card blogs in my bookmarks, and Wax Heaven has always been the top of the list.

    Card collecting gets in your blood and for most collectors as dedicated as you and I, it never really leaves. You just take time out now and then to devote to other facets of your life.

    Here’s hoping you find happiness in the other things and return to us again.


  28. Mario,

    Many thanks for your years of blogging. I was thinking of you the other day when I was in Miami and they had a Marlins stand on the street where you could win Marlins stuff. I know what it’s like to go through a rough spot and as others have told me, you’ll get through it. Best of luck and hopefully you’ll be back on-line.

  29. Mario, I was shocked to get 5 emails from readers telling me that you were stepping away. I hope everything works out for you, and I although agree with your decision to put life before collecting, the card blogger network is going to have a huge hole for a long time.

    Best of luck.

  30. Very sorry to see you go. You were a huge inspiration to so many collectors. Without Wax Heaven, First and Goal would surely not exist today. I hope everything comes together alright for you personally. You know that you have a huge support network here if you ever need it. Thanks for the laughs and even the anger. It was all good for the Hobby.

    Good luck, and God Bless!

  31. Mario, I may have gone through what you’ve gone through. . . PLEASE feel free to email me. Hang in there.

  32. I won’t say “farewell,” because I’m still hoping you’ll return someday. So, “goodbye for now.” You and your site rocked.

  33. Sad to hear. Wish you the best of luck in all your new endeavors. Your blog got me back into the hobby. Thank You and Good Luck!

  34. Heres to you living the life you need and want. I hope the best for you and your family however that ends up. -Jeff

  35. Best of luck, Mario. Always keep in mind that, from out of nowhere, you were able to entertain thousands of people for a few minutes a day for a couple of years, and that’s pretty awesome.

  36. Mario thanks for the great blog. Hope everything works out for you and that one day you’ll find joy in the blog again. Take care,


  37. Mario, take care and I wish you the best in your new future. You have been an amazing influence on card blogging and you will be sincerely missed in this corner of the world. Hope to see you “on the flip side” when things get back on track for you. If there is ANYTHING that I can ever do, please write! –David (Tribecards)

  38. AH man this is all sad. But best of luck Mario and thanks for all you’ve done. This website alone is an inspiration on what one person can accomplish. Thanks

  39. This was my favorite blog about card collecting and I’m sad to see it go. Good luck in future endeavors and remember, you brought thousands of people unquantifiable moments of joy through your blog. You will be missed, friend.

  40. It disturbs me more to learn you are apparently single now than you are leaving the card-blogging world.

    Good luck to your boy and to any future endeavors you may take on.

  41. Good Luck Mario,
    when you get back on your feet and on the internet keep in touch,we’ll work on getting you some more Canseco’s.


  42. I wish the very best for you, Mario. I hope it all works out.

    One thing I have learned in life … never say never. Once you get things sorted out in your personal life, I hope you will think about writing again.

  43. Thanks for getting me back into collecting … and thanks for the education. I didn’t always comment, but I was always reading. You’ll be missed.

  44. Wow Mario, I haven’t been on here for a couple weeks, and this was a real shock! Hope everything is OK with ya man, good luck doing what you’re doing.. I’m sure you’ll be back blogging/writing somewhere eventually! And I still haven’t mailed you those top-loaders from that contest I won, lol.. I don’t expect you to still have the cards at this point, I should have got on it sooner.. Not a big deal tho, but be good, lata.

  45. Sigh.

    It took me 5 days to work up the courage to click on this post, I kept hoping another one would pop up in the RSS feed. Good luck with everything, keep in touch and remember you’ve always got friends waiting for you out here in cyberland.


  46. Mario!

    Wake up!

    You don’t LEAVE what you love when times change. You love this blog and you love this community. It was not a negative in your life. It is a mistake to just say goodbye to something good because other things changed.

    Just chill on the blog a bit and post a few times a week instead of four times a day.

    You know you can’t leave…

    In the words of Pacino in Godfather III “Every time I try to get out…they pull me back in!”

    Now get back here.


  47. I get this feeling Mario will return in a few years, and every once in a while he’ll start a blog entry with “When I started blogging in 2007 …” much like he used a similar phrase pertaining to his collecting habits.

  48. You know what Mario?, cut the crap!!! This site is your passion. You said you wanted to find your calling or do something big before you were 30…..Waxheaven is it. We all follow you because you are relevent. Because you are fresh and because you are honest. We have been friends since the get go and I wish you the best in whatever you do but step back and take a look at what you have in front of you and what you have created…It is amazing and known worldwide.
    Take your time, get your head right. But please come back. You are much loved and well respected.

  49. Good-bye, and good-luck Mario. I wish you all of the best, I also apologize for not leaving a comment before. I read this post the day you published it, and have since been checking this site. It has become habitual for me just to view the site 2 to 3 times a day or so.

    I really loved this blog, and I will miss it dearly.

    I hope your life is as successful as this blog, and I hope you can get everything straightened out.

    Remember, Mario, your fans will always be here waiting for you if you decide to return.

    All the best, Eric E Jr.

  50. ive got to agree with bryan fitz above, man its been like week now and i check everyday still expecting a new post, even though i know theres not going to be one, cmon mario i need you! how else am i going to find out about important updates in the hobby, do what you need to do, i completely understand, but you cant leave for good!!

  51. I hate to see you go Mario. Your hobby commentary will undoubtedly be missed. You will always hold a special place in sports card blogging lore. Best of luck and stay in touch.

  52. Hey no fair man…this wevbsite of yours is the best website when it comes to sports collecting. There was many stuff that I was able to read here that I never even seen before (like that one w/ a A&G card, I think it was 1/1).

    Some of them even had pics, which made them even better to read

  53. Mario, you inspired me to start my own blog, reading yours everyday just made me want to write and voice my opinion, so Thank you.

  54. Hey guys, thanks for all the emails and comments of support. I didn’t mean to just shut the site down with such short notice but I was literally moving my things out on the night I posted this blog.

    I’m now in my own place, a bit lonely but happy. I only took my Andrew Miller collection and my giant book of Jose Canseco cards. I left behind so much, including my computer and thousands of cards, including about 100 Marlins autographs I obtained in person.

    Oh well.

    Truth be told I don’t know what I’ll do with this blog. The same week I moved out, the company I was working for went under (again!). I signed up to be a fire fighter and I start school in February. Once things settle down and I start working in a reliable company (while going to Fire Academy at nights), I will pick up a nice notebook computer and will reconsider blogging again at Wax Heaven.

    It definitely won’t be a news source or anything, probably just reviews of old products and commentaries, which I always found most fun. Still, that’s a long time away … would like to make a Favre-like comeback now but it’s just not realistic. I’m thinking March after my birthday.

    Anyway, thanks again for all the support and hope everyone has fun during this holiday time. Yes, I’m being politically correct there. Well, happy new year and thanks for reading Wax Heaven, even during its retirement.


  55. Good luck with the firefighting career, benefits are great and tons of downtime between shifts ( got a couple of friends who are firefighters here in South Florida)

  56. You should look into one of the card companies for employment, since you built a relationship with them I’m sure they could find you a job. Good luck on the Fire Fighter job, the school is demanding. As for Wax Heaven I’m hoping you make a comeback since the end my days have not been the same.

  57. Mario
    I hope you find what your looking for in life? Remember this we are only on this earth a really short time.Use your time wisely.
    So with that being said my friend,reach for the stars! Mario don’t let anything or anybody hold you back,in your pursuit of happiness!
    Merry Christmas and have a Safe and Happy New Years!!
    I wish all your dreams come true my friend.I was listening to a song on a long ass drive home from teaching new officers. The song was Pink Floyd “Wish You Were Here” was playing and I thought man wondering what Mario is doing? I said to myself
    Wish Wax Heaven was here…………………..
    Again Thank You for letting me be a part of Wax Heaven.

  58. Major bummer. I’m just reading this post today the 25th. Good luck man. We’ll see you in march and when your back, take more time for yourself.

  59. Hey Mario, Good luck with everything that’s going on with you buddy. We all miss you around here, and hope you start blogging again someday. I still check the site every couple of days, hoping to see a new post. Looking forward to your possible return in the spring when everything’s settled.

  60. What is wrong with all you people? Thousands of you on here and nobody came up with the simple idea of collecting some cash via paypal and sending it to a reliable source like Gellman at SCU or the Bad Wax guy for a notebook and a broadband card for Mario? Hell, I’d do it myself but I’m not established or well-known. He could have a shiny new notebook for fire school (and blogging) in less than one afternoon.

  61. jmaxiu0204,

    Thanks for the offer. It sounds simple enough but I would never ask the readers to fork over a penny for me.

    I am currently working on getting a guest writer or two to start posting at Wax Heaven and will hopefully be back in full force in a couple of months myself.

  62. Nice to hear from you Mario!!! I hope Fire class is going well for you ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, good luck with the tough times, I know you’ll survive through it ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. In so many words, you’ve often called yourself the hardest working blogger in the hobby. You were right. Nobody pumped out posts like you and nobody put them out there with near as much genuine love for the hobby. I know we had our differences at a point (completely my fault, unfortunately) but I’ve always respected your perseverance and dedication to what you’ve accomplished with WaxHeaven. Many of the card blogs out there wouldn’t have ever started without your inspiration…my short lived attempt included. I wish you the best and hope that your future endeavors are as successful for you as those in your past.

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