Old School Until the End

If there’s been one constant theme during the 2+ years of Wax Heaven, it has to be the love and appreciation for old school 90s wax. Sure, odds are you won’t find a certified autograph or game-used relic card but there is still a lot of treasure to be found in forgotten wax.

Circa Thunder wasn’t that special, even back in 1998. The cards were flimsy, the design was gaudy, and the card backs, which featured Hip-Hop slang, were embarrassing. Still, it hasn’t stopped player collectors from spending a fortune on the Super Rave parallels #’d to 25 copies.

Recently, a member of Freedom Card Board named ‘Boomo’ purchased a box of ’98 Circa Thunder for a measly $35 dollars. You can imagine his surprise when he found a Super Rave, an extremely tough pull back then. The problem? It was of one-hit wonder, Dave Nilsson.

Alright, Nilsson, born in Australia, wasn’t exactly a one-hit wonder. He was actually a reliable, power-hitting All-Star during his 8 years in the Majors but ultimately chose to leave America to play international ball. By the time he tried to return in 2003, he lost his love for the game and retired.

You would think that a guy with 105 career home runs wouldn’t be much of a hot seller, right? Well, not according to the final selling price on that Super Rave “Boomo” pulled and wasn’t too pleased with. Who could blame him, right? Just another reason to never doubt the madness of player collectors.

Below is a small gallery from 1998 Circa Thunder to give you an example of what one might pull if they were to purchase a box. For those brave souls looking to gamble for a chance to pull a Super Rave parallel, there are currently two unopened boxes on eBay for under $40 dollars.

All I can say is good luck, you’re going to need it!



  1. I’ve noticed for years that Dave Nilsson has a pretty good following, primarily because he is Austrailian. That’s a great pull. At least he didn’t end up with Kevin Young or Hal Morris. LMFAO.

  2. Hopefully a similar bidding war doesn’t break out if and when someone finds the John Jaha. It’s one of the final few I need for my Jaha master set. Thsoe Super Raves are tough to find.

  3. Newspaperman,

    I do have he 86 Beloit. Thanks for checking. I’m down to the real nitty gritty in my collection.

    Other than 1-of-1s, I have everything Beckett lists for him except seven cards. And even then I think there’s a couple of those that don’t exist at all.

  4. That is a truly wondrous Nomar you got there on the right. Great looking die cut with foil detailing. Reminds me of Metal Universe a lil bit, I like those sets a lot but they don’t seem to command much attention.

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