A Special Thank You Contest

Yesterday afternoon, I received a package from Topps Company which included sample boxes of T-206 and Heritage High Number Series. Unfortunately, I will not be able to write my usual reviews so instead I’d like to close out the year by holding one final contest.

Below is a 1/1 printing plate pulled from the box of T-206. It features some guy named Albert. I don’t have his stats available but I hear he’s supposed to be very good. He’s no 16-year old super prospect and probably very few people know him but at least’s it’s a 1/1, right?

Anyway, to enter the contest simply leave a comment with your name, location, and how long you have been reading Wax Heaven. There are no right answers or preferential treatment given, as the winner will be chosen through Random.org on Monday morning. Make sure to get your entry in by Sunday night for a chance to win.

PS.The Razor contest was never decided due to lack of time. I am sending all three prizes to non-sports card blogger, Trader Crack’s so that he may decide a winner.

UPDATE – The winner is SWAG


236 thoughts on “A Special Thank You Contest

  1. Aik Sheng here from Singapore. Being reading wax heaven for a year now. Thx for the contest Mario

  2. Eric
    Columbus, OH

    Man, it seems like I’ve been reading for awhile. Since I got back into the hobby a couple years ago I do believe.

  3. Jason Hartigan, from Ohio. Ive been reading Wax Heaven since “where have all the donruss gone.” I still have an original Wax Heaven baseball card.

  4. Hey Mario! I’ve been readin Wax Heaven almost religously for about 2 years. Its been a great source of card information as well as hobby humor!

  5. Hey Mario – JoshSamBob, from outside Boston, MA. I’ve been reading for over a year now… not sure how much longer.

    Sorry to hear you won’t be blogging any more – as I’ve mentioned, yours is the only card blog I still read.

    – JSB

  6. My name is Dave, I am from Toronto, ON, Canada, and I love this blog and have been reading it for a little over a year.

  7. Bryan
    Charlotte NC
    I have enjoyed reading Wax Heaven (almost every day) since I got back into card collecting in Jan. 2008

  8. Fraser from Great Falls, Montana. Reader since April 2008. I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts, sorry to hear that you can not continue. Good luck moving forward.

  9. John Kovach
    Eastlake, Ohio

    Found your site only this last spring… I check it on average – 3 times a day … Part of my daily life already

    Thanks for the best of the best

  10. Greg
    Baltimore, MD
    I have been reading since late 2007, and am sad to hear that Wax Heaven will no longer be around. Hopefully you are giving it up to move on to bigger and better things.

  11. Gunner from the East Bay in California. Been reading for about when I got back into cards September 09.

  12. Graham from Glasgow, Scotland. Been reading Waxheaven for about one and a half years.

  13. Matthew, Ontario (Canada) & about 8 months. But I went back a little ways into the archives.

  14. Matthew, Ontario (Canada) & about 8 months. But I went back a little ways into the archives. (forgot my contact info in the last post)

  15. John LaFreniere from Lubbock, TX… I have been reading for about 9 months now… everyday! I’m gonna miss it man!

  16. Looking forward to hearing about the new endeavors.

    Loyal Reader

    Paul From Phungo
    Wayne PA

    maybe two years. can’t remember

  17. Joe Morrisville PA reading the site since I found accidentally on youtube and been checking daily ever since about 1yr and a half, say it ain’t so that the heaven will be no more,

  18. Chris from Malta, NY
    Reading since May 09 so 7 months
    Wax Heaven was my gateway to the blogging cardboard world
    Thank you!, Thank you!!,Thank you!!!

  19. Ryan Jones from Northern California…been reading for just over a year. Thx for the contest.

  20. Brian from Brooklyn, NY. Been reading for about 18 months.

    Best wishes, Mario.

  21. I have been reading Wax Heaven for about 2 years. Love the website. Thanks for having the contests that you always have. Keep up the great work. I live in Mundelein IL,

  22. Dustin from Kalamazoo, Michigan. I’ve been reading Wax Heavan for only about three months. And what’s this about closing the site? Even though I’ve only been reading for a while, I will greatly miss it 😦

  23. gritz76 from IL
    I’ve been reading since you’ve been writing or at least close to it.
    Just remember if you quit, Beckett shall rule the hobby once more!

  24. Sad to hear you’re ending it all! This blog is one of the first stops of my morning and I’ve enjoyed reading your insight on the hobby over the last couple of years. Hope all is going well with you and we all support you no matter what endeavor you choose!

    Steve E. (aka SteveTX) in Austin, TX
    Reading for about 2 years now.

  25. I’ve been reading since I discovered the card blogosphere. I’m still shocked Wax Heaven is going away.

  26. Don’t count this one but in my shock I forgot to put my location. Dallas, Tx

  27. Dave in Stevens, PA (Lancaster area)
    I’ve been checking out the sight for about 1.5 years.

    It is shocking and saddening to hear you are closing shop at the end of the year. You will surely be missed by all.

  28. Jesse
    Pembroke Pines,FL

    I have been enjoying Wa Heaven,i believe, since 07 which is the reason i started collecting again

  29. Tim from Bloomington, IN

    I’ve been reading since about August of this year when I came back to the hobby. It seems a lot of people came back then, which is so cool (and a weiiird coincidence haha).

  30. Dan from Berkeley, CA

    I’ve been reading Wax Heaven since you received that letter from Dick Perez (I think 2007)

  31. Dan in Charleston, SC. I have been visiting for 1.5 years. This sucks as I checked in at least 2-3 times a day.

  32. TJ in Portland, OR. I’ve only been reading your blog for about a year, but you are one of the reasons I’ve been back it to collecting. It bums me out that you are shutting down and I hope everything is OK with you.

  33. Ben from Los Angeles.
    I have been reading most of this year as I’ve gone from casually buying cards again to being a full blown collector. Sad to see you go.

  34. Andrew from Illinois
    I’ve been reading since last July. Really good stuff, I’ll miss this blog.

  35. Wax Heaven has been my first electronic stop every morning for at least a year, with periodic readership for about a year before that. Thank you for turning me on to 1997 Pinnacle Certified and many enjoyable reads. Best of luck to you, Mario, I will miss the card comraderie.

    Tom (Pittsburgh)

  36. Matt from Modesto, CA. I’ve been reading for a little over a year since coming back to the hobby after being away for almost 20 years. Thanks for helping to rekindle the passion. My wife and bank account do not share that gratitude.

  37. My name is Zack, I live in Apollo PA. I have been reading your blog for about a year and a half. Check it once a day to see your reviews, and opinions about the newest products, and the other things you cover. Thanks for the contest Mario…

  38. Erick
    Canton, NC

    Been reading since you were pimpin the site on myspace in the begining. Pretty sure we found each other on Dan LeBatards myspacepage.. hence my first Waxheaven name…FAKEHORSEMUFFINS.. Been Fun bro

  39. Mr. Scott
    Montrose, NY
    18 Months

    The only blog I check daily… I will miss it…. Good luck Mario

  40. Matt
    Huntsville, AL

    I’ve been reading almost daily for 18 months or so.

    I’m sorry that my most regularly-visited blog will be disappearing. It’s amazing how much your discussion of the pursuit of Jose Canseco cards made me nostalgic for the 80’s and 90’s.

  41. Everett Wensel
    Erie, PA

    been reading this blog for close to the last year now. I will miss reading this on a daily basis.

  42. Mike
    Baltimore, MD

    I have been reading Wax Heaven for about a year or so.

  43. Steve A. in Alexandria, VA
    you’re the only blog I’ve read religiously for over a year now!
    Best of luck in the future, you have been a huge inspiration to many!

  44. Alec, Lakewood, OH
    I’ve been reading since sometime in the summer of 2008, and will greatly miss all of your well-written and incredible posts, and wish you luck with the rest of your life too.

  45. Tommy, indianapolis indiana, ive been reading waxheaven daily for 1 year now! love it, keep blogging!

  46. Bryan Fitzgerald. Salem Oregon.
    I have been reading Waxheaven since it was under a 1,000 page views.
    Please keep Waxheaven going, you are an asset to the Hobby world and would be missed more than you realize.

  47. John from Arizona here. Like many others, I wouldn’t have a blog if it weren’t for you. I’ve been reading for more than 1.5 years now. Good luck Mario.

  48. Wow….. Closing the door huh?? You will be missed my friend. Thank you for a great read everyday…. I’ve been reading since Dec. 08, i wish you the best of luck in everything you do and i’m sure i’ll see you at a Marlins game here or there…. A tip of the hat to the number one card blogger out there!! Thanks Mario!!!

    Alfredo aka WickedOrtega
    My past time…. I love it!!
    West Palm Beach,FL 561

  49. Brad Pinnick from Billings, MT here. Been reading for a couple of years now and definitely will be sad to see you go.

  50. Ethan, Vernon Hills, IL, I have been reading the site for about 18 months, and am saddened to hear that you will be shutting it down…


  51. My name is Brandon. I am from California and have been reading your blog for roughly a year and a half. It is absolutely my favorite trading card blog and I always know I’m in for a great read.

  52. Grant From Vancouver,WA been readind since I got back into the hobby around one and a half years. It sucks the site is shutting down but I’m sure you have a good reason. Good luck with future ventures!

  53. Mario, my name is Ted Dziuba and I live in Malden, MA. I have been getting back into cards in the last year and stumbled onto your site only a few months ago. I have been checking daily ever since to see what you have to say and I’m definitely bummed that you wont be posting anymore. Thanks for all the great content and best of luck in your future endeavors. Take care and God bless –Teddy

  54. Dylan Sharek
    Charleston, SC
    I think I’ve been reading since the beginning. Blogging is a demanding hobby and no one has done it better than you; no one has made it farther than you; no one has accomplished as much and become as recognizable and synonymous with the hobby. I wish I could attach a picture of my bookmarks bar… I haven’t collected baseball cards in years, but your blog is one of 8 links that I check every, single day. I hope all is well and that you might pop in and support our reading habits again some day.

  55. Hi Mario – it’s me Marvin. I’ve been reading Wax Heaven for just about a year! πŸ™‚ I live in Dublin, CA.

  56. Sooz from South Jersey!!!! (I still hate saying that).

    I have no idea how long I have been reading. My guess is somewhere around one year.

  57. I’m Jeremy from Hudson Florida I’ve been viewing the sight for 2 years. I’ll miss the site. When it’s gone.

  58. Brian from Watkinsville, Georgia

    Been following your blog for 1 1/2 years. First I started reading Bad Wax and came to this website shortly after. Great blog!!! Sorry to see it come to an end. Good luck with your future endeavors.

  59. been a follower(from Buffalo) for over a year…………….sorry to hear you are going to stop the blog!

  60. Hi Mario, Tony from Newport, Wales in the UK. Been reading this since I got back into collecting in about May 09. Sad to see you go.
    All the best.

  61. Drew M from New York, the concrete jungle where dreams are made of! I’ve been reading for probably a year now, awesome blog, you’re the best Mario! Thanks for the awesome entries and hope to continue reading in the future

  62. Marty from Texas. Been back in the sports card hobby for about 6 months and I’ve been reading Wax Heaven for about that long.

  63. Travis P. from San Diego, I have been reading your blog for about a week… for the the years before that I only clicked on it for the pictures.

    You are one of my inspirations. If I only had your skillpower (skills and willpower, I created that word for you), I might post more than once a week.

  64. Hey Mario, this is Matt from Indiana you are the first blog I had ever read. What brought me in was a box break with your wife holding cards up to her chest. From there Wax Heaven has been my daily site hit. I have traded cards with you, I have exchanged emails. I really dont want the card you are giving away. I am just saddened by the news that your are shutting it down. Just wanted you to know how much your blog has added to my life. Thank you for two great years. It will never be the same without you around.

  65. John from Des Moines, IA. I have only been reading a month and very sad to hear the blog will be shutting down.

  66. Chris from Ohio. I hope everything is ok with you and your family. I’ve been a loyal follower of Wax Heaven since the days when you and Tatiana would record box breaks. The card blogsphere will truly miss you!

  67. Michael from Ohio. I’ve been reading for about 6 or 7 months now. Very sad to hear you are stopping.

  68. Another Mike from Massachusetts. Been reading since 2007 when I got back into the hobby. Became a dedicated reader since somewhere in 2008.

    Mario, you and Wax Heaven will be missed. Not many people have done as much for the blogging community as you have without very much personal gain. Good luck in whatever it is that you decide to do next.

  69. I’ve been reading several times a day for over a year. Sorry to see you go, this is by far the best blog i’ve come across 😦

  70. Jordan from Cherry Hill NJ,

    I’ve been reading since January of this year. Sad to see you go, Mario. I’ll miss the blog

  71. Mario – I’m sad to hear that Wax Heaven is ending. I’ve been reading for almost 2 years (since about February 2008). I hope that everything is OK, and I wish you the best of luck in all that you do in the future! Thanks for keeping us all entertained and informed for so long.

    Apex, NC

  72. Anthony from Tex…well, Germany right now πŸ˜‰

    Love the blog…hate to see it go (if and when it does go).

    Been following since the BMB.

  73. Jason from LA.

    Shocked and sorry to see this site go! It’s been on my must read list for the past 8 months or so. Whatever the circumstances, I wish you the best of luck Mario!

  74. Russ From NC.

    I hope there is a positive reason for the site’s ending. I only read it for the articles you know.

  75. Jesse, Washington state.. reading for about 10 months here. love the stuff, it sucks there will be no more wax heaven πŸ˜₯

  76. Dan, from Rochester, NY (nowhere near NYC!)

    I have been a follower, reader and supporter for almost two years. Your blog is what inspired me to open my own, but it falls far short. Sorry to hear that you won’t be doing Wax Heaven anymore.

  77. Chris, Indianapolis, IN, About a year now. I enjoy reading the blog. Sad to see you go. Thanks and good luck.

  78. Chris
    Chantilly, VA

    Been reading everyday since Jan. I love this site and wish it won’t go away. Maybe have three or four contributing writers for this site and do an article every now and then?

  79. Tim
    Orem, Utah

    Been reading for a year and a half or so…going to be sad to see you go!

  80. I’ve been reading for 8 months. I collected heavily from ’83-’91 (yay! junk!) – but when I stumbled upon your blog, I fell in love with the hobby all over again. I don’t want to say how much I’ve spent in these last months, but I’ve had a blast. Thanks for helping me rediscover my love of collecting!

  81. Tammy
    Raleigh, NC

    I have been reading Wax Heaven for a little over a year now..honestly, I hope you can keep things going…no matter what happens to the site, I wish you the best of luck in all you do…

  82. Joe
    Buffalo, NY

    I’ve been a fan of wax Heaven for about 7 months now, it sucks that you’re moving on, I hope everything is alright.


  83. Mario, your request to shut down the site is denied. David Joseph Smith, Woodinville, Washington.

  84. Fellow Canseco Fan-
    I’ve been reading your work on a daily basis for a little better than a year. I don’t want to figure out what I could do with time normally reserved for Wax Heaven so please don’t make me do it.

    Jason C
    Osseo, WI

  85. Say it aint so…
    Been reading for a long time. You and Dayf brought me back to collecting.

  86. Shawn from Chandler, Az. I have been reading Wax Heaven for just about a year. I am pretty sad to see that you are shutting down.

  87. Woah, already entered but didn’t notice you were leaving. Please don’t shut down the site, leave it up so we could at least read some older posts once in a while. That stinks for me, but for you, good luck with whatever comes to you next, whatever that may be. Drew

  88. Hey Mario, Robert B from ND. Been following for a little over a year now. Sucks to hear it may be ending soon.

  89. I have been reading wax heaven for about a year and a half. I live in the fairmount section of philadelphia . thank you for the great blog mario good luck with your next venture.

  90. oh yeah, and one other thing..

    Ive had “Waxheaven4life” tatood on my balls for few months now. . . what do I do? please stay!

  91. I have been reading this site for as long as you have been writing about collecting Canseco cards.

    Levittown, NY

  92. I’m Jesse from California and I’ve been reading your blog for about a year, but after I started reading, I took a loot at most of the older posts.

  93. Hi Mario.
    Ken from Seattle.
    I’ve been reading for maybe a year. Your blog was the first one I found and it is one of the best.

    I’m sad to hear you are leaving. I hope it’s not a health or family issue.

    I wish you well. You will be greatly missed.

  94. Hi Mario,

    Austin from California. I’ve been reading Wax Heaven for just about 8 months now and love it! Reading the constant new posts helps me get through the day…

  95. max jackson bay area california
    i have been reading since mid 2008 i will really miss it thanks for all the great posts

  96. Sean living in Arlington, VA. Between you, chemgod, and gellman. . . have been reading you guys every day this year. Enjoy getting back into a childhood hobby.

  97. Mario, this is David Joseph Smith from Woodinville, Washington again. I’ve been reading you for almost 2 years. As I wrote above, your request to shut down the site is denied. This decision is not subject to review.

  98. Submarine Shane from Winston Salem N.C…..I have been with you (Wax Heaven) for a good bit, I followed you with Beckett and I am the one and only “Man on the Street”. That moniker will have to be retired if the site goes away. I have shown off many box break results here and you got the exclusive on the Dr. Seuss Cut Signature…..way before Beckett put it in their magazine.

  99. Wax Heaven was part of my inspiration to get back into the hobby. Mario, you are a friend, and you will be missed.

    I haven’t missed a post in 19 months.

    Brian, Coral Springs, FL

  100. Roy from New York. I’ll be honest, I’ve only been around for a few months. Wish I could have gotten to know Wax Heaven better. Best of luck.

  101. Mike Safety Harbor Florida and this is a sad day……I hope everything is well, a reader of over a year…..

  102. Joe S. San Diego… Been reading regularly for about a year, been poking around a little longe than that. Best of luck with whatever you’re pursuing next! I truly hope you’re “leaving” for good reasons.

  103. I am Nico Critelli from Stamford CT, and I have been reading wax heaven for the last few months. Sorry to see it shutting down just as I was getting into the blogosphere

  104. Kyle from Wayne NJ.
    Hey man. Its really sad your closing up. I’ve been readin your blog for about 6 months now. I just started my own blog, and its sad to see one of my favorites go. Goodluck in whatever you move on to.

  105. I’ve been reading these comments just to see where all your readers are from. This is pretty amazing to see collectors from all over the country, and abroad. Awesome.

  106. I’m TM in Pittsburgh. Been reading for a long time, maybe the beginning. Just from reading this great blog and a few others, I get to enjoy much of the hobby without shelling out a lot of the big bucks for the cards.

  107. My name is Adam Smith, I have been reading for about 6-8 months and have made it a daily stop. I live in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (orange county).

    I hope all is well and wish you future luck. Gonna miss this blog!

  108. Frederick W. from Myrtle Beach, SC.

    It must be 3 years now. You’ll be missed.

  109. Steve from Oak Lawn, IL.

    I’ve been reading this blog since it was Canseco Completist. We supported each other a lot in the early days of our respective blogs. I’ve watched this site grow into the powerhouse that it is today. I will continue to support whatever the future has in store for my friend Mario. While I am sorry to see this site end, I am very glad that it has produced a great friend. Good luck in your future endeavors! πŸ™‚

    Personally, I hope you decide to return somewhere down the line.

  110. Sean Congdon, hailing from the town of Gowanda, New York. I’ve been reading for about a year now, and it’s one of the only card blogs I go to on a daily basis.

  111. i’m will from tampa, i’ve been reading waxheaven for a year and ahalf i think,,, i always enter contests and never win , so i might as well not win another one, love the site still of course, i’m just bitchin…

  112. Jeff from Baltimore. Been reading for a little over a year. Thanks for the contest, and sorry to hear you’re hanging it up.

  113. Speechless….

    AJ from The Motor City

    I’ve been a reader ever since you posted up The Canseco King video…

    😦 – What can be done to keep Waxheaven alive and kickin?

  114. David Roy, Apple Valley CA, and ive been readin wax heaven for about two years haha.

  115. I have been following since early 08. I’ll miss your commentary. Take care.

  116. Kerry here, from Portland, OR. I’m going to guess around a year and a half because that’s around when I started up my own blog thing.

  117. Justin F. in Las Vegas Nevada. I have been a daily reader for over a year and want to thank you for all the blood, sweat and tears you have invested in entertaining and informing us Mario! No single site has helped me pinch off more loaves than Wax Heaven. I just hope you are shutting her down due to being hired by a major card company or hobby publication. Wax Heaven will be sorely missed brother. Best wishes in whatever is to come!

  118. I’ve been reading the site for about a year now. This was a really terrific site. It’ll be missed

  119. David/Tunguska
    Brantford, Ontario, Canada

    2008-09 OPC Hockey got me looking at collecting again, Wax Heaven introduced me to the collecting blogosphere. A little over 18 months later and we are losing one of the lynchpins of the hobby.
    Good luck Mario, thanks for EVERYTHING and never stop fighting the good fight.

  120. Your shutting down? Awwwww I love your blog. I read like 3 times a day! Well, Thanks for all the information, recigniton for old wax, exlusive preiveiws, Fun giveways, Humor, box breaks, reviews, and opinions. Wax heaven will be missed by all of your thousands of readers.

  121. Thorzul, Milwaukee: I’ve been a reader since the beginning. There will be an empty space on the internet now. I hope we can all work together to fill it.

  122. Michael Reuben from PHX, AZ

    I’ve easily been reading Wax Heaven for 18 months at this point. It will be missed.

  123. Bob from Villa Park, IL
    Been reading for almost 2 years.
    Thanks for all the info and enjoyment!

  124. Steve in Jersey City. I found your site shortly after I started collecting again in 2007 — blogs like Wax Heaven, The Baseball Card Blog and Cardboard Junkie definitely pulled me back into the hobby!

  125. Sal Rinauro, Fort Valley, GA. I’ve been reading since I got back into the hobby last spring. Thanks for everything!!

  126. Tucker from Jackson, TN. I have been reading for just under a year. You helped spark my interest to get back into the hobby. Thanks.

  127. David Campos
    Irvine, California
    I’ve read you off and on for a while and have seen you post on the same sites I visit occasionally. Probably about a year.

  128. Russell of a few places, now in Greenville, SC and Mario, you and I have been together since the beginning.

  129. Todd in Bondurant, IA and have been been here since just about the beginning, as my Heavenly Vixen card would attest too! Sorry to see you go Mario!!

  130. Kerry from Pennsylvania…Reading Wax Heaven for one year…Thanks for the contest…

  131. Aaron from Bethesda,

    have enjoyed reading Wax Heaven for about a year.

  132. Mario, thank you for your insight and your take on all things related to the Hobby! I have enjoyed reading for the last 11 months.

  133. Tiffany from Houston. Been reading Wax Heaven for 2 years. Thanks for the contest!

  134. Eric from Las Vegas, Nevada, although I may be moving to Texas soon.

    Every since Februrary 2nd, 2009, since the “Jose Conseco vs. Danny Bonaduce fight” post. About 10 months in other words. Thanks for all the blogging and contests Mario.

  135. Sorry to hear you’ll be leaving us, it truly has been a pleasure reading your blog. You’ve helped me get back into the hobby, been reading your stuff for over a year and a half.

    Best of luck in the future.

  136. P.A. from Winston-Salem, NC
    I’ve been reading Wax Heaven since it was dedicated entirely to Jose Canseco. I almost believe it was called Heavenly Collections. I found it off of a link from Card Board Junkie. I haven’t always agreed with what Mario has to say but wax heaven certainly has been something I’d at least skim through while I was bored at work. Thanks for helping me kill time. Best of luck

  137. I’ve only been reading for about 4 months. I’m thrilled that my 7 year old has taken an interest, and you’ve been invaluable in helping me get re-acquainted to an old hobby. We’ll miss you. Good luck.

  138. Fuji from San Jose, CA – I’ve been reading your stuff for over a year… no doubt you have the most informative… interesting… and entertaining blog on the net. I also appreciate the fact that you enjoy 90’s stuff as much as I do. You’ll be missed.

  139. Hi, It’s Jeremy from Norman, OK. I’ve been reading since about middle of June this year. I’ll miss reading your blog.

  140. Jacob from Charlotte, NC.

    I have been following this site daily for the past year now. Mario, your blog has been the best of any I have read and I will visit frequently to read previous posts. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

  141. Jose from Santa Ana, CA— I’ve been reading for about 7 months. Great site, thanks for all the info and reviews… I will miss it.

  142. JT from Fort Thomas, KY. I’ve been reading since late 2007/early 2008 (not exactly sure). You will be missed by the community.

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