Yesterday afternoon, I received a package from Topps Company which included sample boxes of T-206 and Heritage High Number Series. Unfortunately, I will not be able to write my usual reviews so instead I’d like to close out the year by holding one final contest.

Below is a 1/1 printing plate pulled from the box of T-206. It features some guy named Albert. I don’t have his stats available but I hear he’s supposed to be very good. He’s no 16-year old super prospect and probably very few people know him but at least’s it’s a 1/1, right?

Anyway, to enter the contest simply leave a comment with your name, location, and how long you have been reading Wax Heaven. There are no right answers or preferential treatment given, as the winner will be chosen through on Monday morning. Make sure to get your entry in by Sunday night for a chance to win.

PS.The Razor contest was never decided due to lack of time. I am sending all three prizes to non-sports card blogger, Trader Crack’s so that he may decide a winner.

UPDATE – The winner is SWAG