Where Have You Been All My Life?

Let’s face it: Jose Canseco will likely never appear on a licensed trading card ever again. While other retired players get the Topps special treatment, I am stuck with old releases and any upcoming, non-licensed cards that hit the Hobby.

Thankfully, there are still hundreds, if not thousands of “Broder” cards out there to chase down. While many collectors and hobby publications look down on these releases (and for good reason), to a guy who collects a pariah like Jose, they are the next best thing to new cards.

As for those unlicensed “Broder” cards that were just about everywhere in the 80’s and 90’s, most of the time they didn’t feature the best design (or any at all). This one here, supposedly from 1987, looks fantastic and actually features some really good-looking artwork.

What an improvement over the Diamond Kings created by legendary sports cards artist Dick Perez and released by Donruss Trading Cards in 1987. Don’t believe me? See for yourself. Both cards are worthless today but this unknown copy looks so much better. If only we knew what other players were produced.

Click here to see the worst Broder release of all-time …


5 thoughts on “Where Have You Been All My Life?

  1. I don’t really collect the unlicensed cards but I’ll concede you’re right with this one its damn good looking.

  2. Mario- I thought “broder” was what happens when you go on a guys only camping trip and nobody has showered for a few days?

    But seriously…

    Have to agree with you on this Canseco card. I never thought the Diamond Kings cards were all that incredible to begin with, although I think Dick Perez is a great artist. You’re right, though, there’s really no comparison between the two cards!

  3. Love that “Broder” design. The Broder and oddball cards I have are my favorites ones in the collection. It’s always exciting when I discover one that I hadn’t seen before

  4. I love most cards that feature art, but Diamond Kings will always be the best of the best to me. I love Dick Perez’s art. This card is quite the awesome as well, though. It would definitely be in the “not for trade” box in my collection if I had it.

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