One of the more anticipated Topps products of 2009, Unique, is now live and several singles have hit eBay. Surprisingly, it’s not the “big hits” that have caught my attention but the game-used relics.

Below is a small gallery of some of the cards currently on eBay. Take a look at the Miguel Cabrera on the left. It features a tired concept (to me anyway) of a memorabilia card and a very old photo but the design is magnificent.

The Mark Teixeira Jumbo patch looks great but there’s certainly nothing “unique” about it, as we’ve seen it multiple times in Topps products from the past few years but the 1/1 Hanley Ramirez laundry tag card is simply amazing.

Blowout Cards is pre-selling boxes of Unique for just under $120 dollars. For that price you get some well-designed cards and either one autograph or two game-used relics. As expected, Topps Unique features 100% sticker autographs.

If and when the prices of unopened boxes hits closer to $100 dollars, it could be one of the big sellers of the year. Of course, it all depends on what big cards hit eBay in the next few days and what kind of box breaks collectors show off in the forums.

How do YOU feel about Unique so far?