2010 Topps Finest Preview!

Another week, another Topps Company baseball preview. This time around, we get treated to images and information for one of the hobby”s most popular releases, Finest.

Perhaps the biggest change for the brand in quite some time is the addition of MLB logos in the background of the base cards. Judging by the mock-ups, it appears that Finest will once again feature sticker autographs.

Unfortunately, the signed, manufactured patches are returning along with a Triple Threads-style foldout insert. As much as I love Finest, these additions seem very much out-of-place for a product that’s all about the Refractors.

Each Master box will contain two autographed rookie patch cards along with ten Refractors and a Rookie Redemption. Along with Base, Blue, Gold, and Red Refractors, Topps is introducing a 1/1 Purple Refractor.

2010 Topps Finest is scheduled for release on the week of March 22nd.



  1. Well, I do like the look of the base set. I’m not a fan of those autographed letter cards though. I’ll just stick with getting my Pedroia and Markakis cards.

  2. Nice looking cards but “ENOUGH ALREADY” with the manufactured junk. They made finest without sticker auto’s before so why can’t they just do it again? The rookie redemption time frame is disgusting. Why on God’s green earth does it take over a year to get your redemption?

  3. base looks cool. the walker card looks lame – a “RC Logo” patch on a RC? They might as well have made a team logo manufactured patch (i.e. a Pirates logo in the Walker case).

  4. Base is above average. Everything else should just be thrown out the window and be replaced with 90s kind of inserts with hologram technology. I’m serious. If you wanna make a shiny themed card set then make stick with the theme and make it good. Stop trying to squeeze in the auto-gamers/manufactured crap in every single set and pushing the prices to an insane level.

  5. At least the M.P’s are dual colored unlike SP authentic. There is a nice crop of prospects around the corner. 2010 will be the year of the New Bowman.


  6. why do base anymore, everything is letters and patches, a base card doesn’t make sense anymore, just release hits in packs.

  7. The base does look fantastic. The Howard auto appears to be from a new insert set:FINESTMENTS. *cough*. The microscopic headshots on the Manure Patches might as well be replaced by a chromosome from the player. It would give new meaning to the term DNA relic. The redesigned RC logo is in desperate need of a redesign. Purple refractors…GAY.*double cough*. Leave it to Topps to add ANOTHER 1of1. That being said, when can I buy this stuff?!

  8. Much different looking than last year, but still a generic design. C’mon guys, is this really the best you can do?

    Also, Topps, why so drab on the colors? I know black and grey are in season now (being that it’s nearly winter), but those aren’t the first two colors that come to mind when I think about the words “Summer” and “baseball”.

  9. Last years finest have held no value at all (unless you pull a gold) and I’m at the point where I truly think they should not be putting out the set if they cant redeem the cards from the 1st set or close at least. Extreme and of course it will never happen but I’m just tired of redemtions. 2 years for a stadium club Auto? Finest 09′ redemptions ? Around 2011 or so. I pulled #1 and #5 so maybe I’m just irritated. Grant

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