The Wax Report – Topps T-206

By Mr. Scott

2009 Topps T-206

Boxes: 2

Packs: 20

Cards: 9 per pack

Price: $75 per Box (Includes Shipping)

Box 1

Framed Auto: 2, Justin Masterson & Glen Perkins

Silk: 1, Manny Ramirez #37/50

Mini Cycle: 1,Ian Stewart #50/99


Box 2

Framed Auto: 1, Daniel Schlereth

Framed Old Mill Relic Bat: 1, Hideki Matsui

Printing Plate: 2, Jim Thome & Yovani Gallardo

Mini Cycle: 1, Jon Lester #68/99



Base Set Completion: 270 of 300 (90%)

Overall Review: I have opened over 20 products this year and I have to say this is one of my favorite releases of the year. I waited 2 days after opening this product to write this review because I wanted to see if that feeling was still there and it was. The base cards for the most part have great artwork (other than reuse). I also am a very big fan of the variations since they are drastic with the player in different poses.

As for pulls from this product I think I did pretty well. The strange thing with printing plates is they came out of back to back packs. I like the Jim Thome much more than the Gallardo. Three on-card autos and while they are not the most spectacular players, it’s better than pulling a redemption. The silk Manny is tough pull and looks great. I also pulled the old mill bat variation of World Series MVP Hideki Matsui.

I really can’t say anything bad about this product. For $75 dollars I think the price fits the box and you should be able to build a complete base set with 3 boxes. I think I’m going to take a shot and buy another box or I might hold out for 2 boxes of Topps Unique. I’m really looking forward to that product. I wonder if it will hold up against T-206?



  1. I am officialy tired of retro products.

    Mr. Scott, way to go on two boxes. Two autos and a slik out of one box, an auto, relic and two platesd out of the second, can’t ask for much more than that.

  2. I’m totally unimpressed. it looks like Obak. It looks like Goodwin.

    Looks like Topps is starting to mail it in already…

  3. Will be ordering 2 boxes (early Xmas present for myself)… What website is offering at the lowest price? Checked te usual suspects and everyone is selling for around $75 a pop

  4. Hey Jay it does look incredibly like 09 to 11 on the backs. MR. Scott I would like to know if the backs of the cards you pulled had discoloration spots. Some of the ones I have seen did and it looked even more authentic. Still not sure if I like intentional “damage”. Thanks for sharing your breaks!

  5. Joe From The D

    “it looks like Obak. It looks like Goodwin”

    I think thats the idea there called tobacco cards.

  6. The Hideki hit is awesome looking and the thome printing plate is a great pull too. Other than that, it seems a little disappointing.

    I disagree about the pricing. It seems like you have a fairly large budget to spend on cards, so you probably aren’t as concerned about the values of your pulls, but I’m not so sure that you could get $75 on ebay for the stuff that you got from either box (aside from an immediate turn around sale cause the set has a “new product buzz”). Idk maybe I’m wrong, I would be more convinced if there were more brand name player hits.

    The pictures on the base cards seem to be hit or miss, but when they get it right, they are perty.

  7. I will pass. The base set has none of the charm of the original set. I like the look of the blue-framed autographed minis but the list of players signing is uninpressive. I’m going to wait for something better – maybe the Tribute release.

  8. I opened a box and had fun. Pulled a Loney relic and a Uehara auto. They are both available for trade. Anyone else getting sick of the mini parallels?

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