The Wax Report – Heritage High

By Mr. Scott

2009 Topps Heritage High Series

Boxes: 2

Packs: 24

Cards: 8 per pack

Price: $58 per Box

Box 1

1960 Topps Buyback: 1, Fred Kipp

Clubhouse Collection Bat: 1, Adrian Gonzalez

Chrome: 8

Chrome Ref: 3

Black Chrome Ref: 1, Julio Borbon #43/60

Box 2

1960 Topps Buyback: 1, Glen Hobbie

Clubhouse Collection Jersey: 1, Tim Lincecum

Chrome: 8

Chrome Ref: 2


Base Set 168 of 185  = 90% (65 Dupes)

Short Prints 16 of  35 = 45%

Overall Review: Went to a card show and picked up these two boxes of Topps Heritage High Numbers for a very reasonable price. There were dealers selling the boxes for as high as $75 so I think I got a really good deal.

If you’re looking for flashy autos out of these boxes you got another thing coming. I pulled a bat and jersey card. I find it strange that the Gonzalez bat card has a photo of him with his back facing you but the Lincecum has a beautiful photo of him looking in for the sign. The cards are nice and crisp you also get a lot of player not included in too many other sets along with whole bunch of rookies.

I also pulled a nice black refractor which is a pretty tough pull. Rookie performer inserts are nice but not a huge fan of other inserts including the buybacks & ad panels. The one disappointment with this product is the inclusion of Topps Update. I already have the complete set, who needs more base dupes of this product? My suggestion to Topps is to either combine these 2 releases with 10 cards per pack, 5 heritage High # & 5 Topps Update. The second option is dropping the pack to 6 cards per pack and dropping the price. If I would have paid upwards of $75 for this product I would have been disappointed but for $58 I’d say it was a good break.



  1. Cool Cubbie buyback! I’d say that for not getting any autos or majorly tough pulls besides maybe the black refractor, it looks you did pretty good.

  2. You got the Box at the County Center show? What dealer do you go to? They guy on the left with the beard? I usually buy from him as he has the best price or will price match.

    Did you get the Rollie auto?

  3. I love the Heritage High Numbers, but as somebody as a complete set of the Update I couldn’t agree more with you about not wanting them included in each pack.

  4. I usually buy from the guy with beard but his prices were to high at this show. I went on Friday no autos

  5. I think the Pedro card is photoshopped – In The action photo, The Phillies don’t have that style of uniform as far as I know.

    He is only a future Hall of Famer – no point in putting out the effort to get it right.

  6. Are buy-backs pretty common, or did you just get really lucky pulling one out of each box?

    Also, in regards to photoshopping, you will notice the same thing with the John Smoltz St Louis card, it is the same image as the Boston/Atlanta cards.

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