The Return of the Garbage Pail Kids!

30 11 2009

Back in early 2008, I set out to create the definitive Top Ten list of the greatest Garbage Pail Kids cards of all-time. Knowing that my knowledge on the cult trading card set was limited, I set out to find an expert.

Wayne runs Garbage Pail Kids References and with his help we put together the best of the best. Since that time, it has been one of the most popular Wax Heaven articles in the site’s history thanks to Google traffic.

Well, Topps has brought back Garbage Pail Kids for a February 2010 release and I am proud to bring you some new, exclusive images and information on what is likely to be another great GPK release.

Garbage Pail Kids Flashback will include all the goodies that made the original release a pop culture classic but will also include elements of today’s trading card technology, like 1/1 sketch cards, printing plates, and parallels.

The sketch cards, with odds yet to be determined, will featured hand-drawn GPK artwork by all the familiar names. Printing plates will be “one of a kind” with different four colors, and there will be parallels; Gross Green, Punk Pink, Silver and Gold.

Perhaps the most exciting element of all will be the ‘Then and Now’ inserts which will dig up GPK favorites like Adam Bomb, Hot Marvin, and Nasty Nick and will update collectors on what they have been up to. There will also be ‘Loco Motion’ inserts which will feature lenticular technology.

Garbage Pail Kids Flashback will be available at Target, Shopko, Fred Meyer, and other retailers in February 2010. You can check out the official website, which will be updated periodically, HERE.




11 responses

30 11 2009

You had me at sketch card.

30 11 2009

Jay Lynch sketch card! Sweet!

30 11 2009

Mario – incidentally, have you seen what GPK’s are going for on Ebay?

Insane! $745+ dollars for an unopened box from 1985??!! That’s just too awesome!

30 11 2009

Personally, I’m fond of Rappin’ Ron.

30 11 2009

The first series came out when I was a kid and I can remember liking them. The one card that I always remember the most for some reason is Jason Basin.

30 11 2009
Andrew Chrisman

those look really cool. anyone remember pogs? i had a garbage pail kids one of those. the artwork looks really great.

1 12 2009

Would Chrome Technology be out of the Question? Can you imagine the Adam Bomb Refractor?

1 12 2009

Sounds good! I’ve occasionally seen packs of the new GPK at Target before, but they were always sold by the pack–not in a hobby or blaster box.

Will they be available in boxes? If so, around how much will they be?

Thanks Mario!

2 12 2009

It was only a matter of time until these came back in style.

17 12 2009
mary lou hunter

hellos i was wondering if you got any new garbage pail yet, know not till Feb but sometimes you get promo cards, if so are you selling any of them and how much are they please inform me if you can, thank you

17 01 2010

How amazing they are !! We want them back and always !! Nice to see some pics… cheers

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