Beggars Can’t Be Choosers But …

I’m a little disappointed with the new Andrew Miller from T-206.

I mean, I’m thankful that Topps even included Andrew in the set but it’s a photo I am all too familiar with thanks to 2008 Allen & Ginter. It’s not like it’s a new photo (Andrew’s bulked up a bit).

I should be happy he’s even in the set because Andrew’s last card came months ago in 2009 Allen & Ginter and despite the non-stop releases this year, he’s been in well under 10 of them.

As for Miller’s career, it’s not been a success as of yet. Two lousy seasons with the Marlins with multiple demotions has pretty much killed his hobby presence and has made collectors forget about his potential.

I will be receiving a box of Topps T-206 in the next couple of days for review purposes and will hope to pull at the very least a base card. If anyone pulls any of the parallels, I will trade them straight up for an autograph or game-used relic so be on the look-out.

There is a 3-card lot on eBay for anyone who wants to get an early start. I am without an eBay account (probably for the better) so I can’t bid. If anyone reading wins that auction, you will receive an autograph & game-used relic for your trouble.



  1. That’s why I didn’t link to it. I hope it doesn’t sell for more than $5 dollars.

    If it gets really crazy, which it shouldn’t, I’ll have to add a special prize to the winner. 😉

  2. “*watches the readership bid this way the hell up*”

    which would be one more reason not to put any faith in ebay being the arbiter of what a true marketplace value should be……..

  3. Trust me, Beckett & SCD is not much better.

    A card is worth what someone is willing to pay for it, not what a magazine suggests or what it goes for on eBay.

  4. i wish this year’s t206 would have more unique relics like the ’02 version. the ’09 product has ruth, foxx, cobb, and robinson. but you can find them a lot of places. guys like buck herzog, jimmy collins, johnny evers, & john mcgraw make the ’02 t206 set a lot better in my opinion.

  5. Ebay, gives the appreciable valve of the card during the week that it was sold. In all my years it is probably the truest form of exacting a valve for a card (if that can ever be done). The problem with ebay vs. a card show is that sometimes the picture does not give full condition of card. Also, at a card show you can negotiate the price down with a dealer. On ebay, it only goes up.

  6. My Ebay experiment: The week before Thanks giving, a threw some money into my paypal account and bid on about 370 items (this was mostly 1961-1972 Topps Baseball). I bid mostly on the follwing players, Pete Rose, Roberto Clemente, Hank Aaron, Harmon Killebrew, Willie Stargell, Tony Perez, Ed Matthews, Willie Mays, Stan Musial, Frank Robinson, Bill Mazeroski, Reggie Jackson, Carl Yazstremski, Richie Allen, and Frank Howard.

    All are HOF except Allen and Howard. I won about 40 auctions. I tried to bid reasonable but definitely under Beckett Value. Most cards were not mint. Some cards I got were 1/10 of Beckett valve (including shipping-I always include shipping in the cost of the cards).

    However, I did not win any auctions involving Clemente. Rose, Yazstremski, Aaron, Mays, Musial. I was constantly outbid on cards (any condiiton) for these players. So obviously one thing I was able to infer was that you will have to pay a lot of money to get these players cards more than everyone else. (I did not even try Mantle, I did bid on a Maris but lost that one).

    Ebay is not the truest form of ONE CARD VAVLE, it can help define a MARKET PLACE FOR ALL CARD VALVES.

  7. Shocked that other readers/collectors are not posting on the fact topps is recycling cards (Andrew Miller A&G ’08 vs Miller
    in ’09 T206)

    1) Now that topps has the exclusive license they have a legal monopoly. If they want to use the same pic across different brands they are essentialy telling us we will have to “eat it”, hope they are not setting a new standard by the miller “recycle”….. But I would not be surprised if this trend continues since they now have the legal monopoly over MLB…
    2) By recycling pictures between brands (A&G n T206) they are blurring the line that makes these two brands uniquie

  8. Why is his right arm tan, and the rest of his body pale? Does he ride around Florida with the passenger seat window down a lot?

  9. Rumor has it that the T206 Miller is actually Mario in a Marlins uniform with the glove up to conceal the latest Topps printing “error” (or super short print, depending on your terminology).

  10. That was my EBay listing! Thanks for the free advertising. I was wondering why the cards sold for $4.25. What autograph did you trade?

    Any other cards you can help me promote?

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