You Never Forget Your First …

Alright guys, get your minds out of the gutter. Of course, I’m talking about the birth of the printing plate, which came from the genius minds of the folks from Pinnacle Brands.

In 1997 we were introduced to pack-inserted printing plates in a very sneaky move by Pinnacle. You see, rather than include them in a popular brand like Certified, Pinnacle threw them into the low-end ‘New Pinnacle’ brand.

This is like putting $10,000 dollar spinner rims on a 1999 Ford Focus closing in on six digit mileage. Either way, much like with almost everything Pinnacle did back then, it worked.

Printing plates didn’t save Pinnacle from bankruptcy but it did create one of the most popular 90’s chase cards not named ‘Crusade’. These plates, hand signed by Jerry Meyer, then CEO of Pinnacle, are every player collector’s dream.

Don’t believe me? Check out the insane price for the Eddie Murray that recently hit eBay. Today, pulling a printing plate has lost its magic due to the several thousands produced each year (over 50,000 in 2008) but these were the first and still the best.

As for the other first; her name was Sandy.



  1. I remember my first plates 1998 stadium club, pulled a Nomar which in 97 that was like steel gold, then the next box a Curt Schiling. I went to a card shop and got like 900 in credit for both. Those were the days. The printing plate may not mean as much now, even being 1/1 but I always dreamed of having a set of one player all colors. I just like the thought of owning that set the card is mine.

  2. Wow, the most I ever paid for a card is 30 bucks for an autographed-letterman numbered 2/3. I would never pay over 50 bucks for 1 card. Now, I can understand a sweet spot tin loaded for 70 bucks, but for 1 card? Especially since it has no signature or anything like that.

    My opinion though.

  3. I have been very fortunate to pull everything from jersey cards to swatches to on-card and sticker autographs from boxes before… but I have never ever pulled a printing plate. Hopefully I reversed jinxed myself.

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