Black Friday? More Like Black Doom

Shane of Wax Heaven’s Man on the Street was once a regular fixture at Wax Heaven. Known as a “high-roller”, Shane would buy several boxes of the highest-end products for collectors to see just what was being pulled from non-Beckett boxes.

Coming out of retirement for a second time, Shane has returned to bust a box of Upper Deck Black Football. In baseball, we saw Black in 2007. The product was beautiful but every $200 dollars box on YouTube was a disaster. It wasn’t until the prices came down that people began to appreciate it. Of course, by then the brand had been put out to pasture.

Well, Black is back and looks even better than before thanks to Upper Deck’s fabulous football design team. I could try my best to describe the cards but it’s best to just read what Gellman says, as he’s kind of the unofficial Black spokesman. Simply put, Black looks fantastic. Unfortunately, once again there have been some really bad box breaks.

So how will Shane do with his $200 dollar box of 2009 Upper Deck Black? Well, check out the gallery of the cards he pulled for yourself. Clearly these look better than anything Panini & Topps has done in football this year but I don’t know how much longer boxes will remain that high.

Shane mentioned that one of his card shop buddies spent a fortune bustin’ Black and finally pulled a cut signature. The problem? It was numbered to 172. It appears that much like was the case with 2007 Black Baseball, picking up singles on eBay may be the best way to go with this product.

Once you go Black … do you go back?



  1. Yeah, and I’ll wait until singles drop to a good level. people right now are selling high because OMG it’s new. Screw that, I’ll wait for the shiny to wear off.

  2. I actually made it my mission to complete the 2007 UD Black Baseball (they also do Hockey, I believe) “Pride of a Nation” set. That’s 56 autographed flag patches, ranging in price from Melvin Mora (<$10) to Josh Hamilton, Hanley Ramirez, and even Cal Ripken, Jr.

    I've got about half the set scanned… just haven't found time to scan the rest and snap a picture. Great set, though – very enjoyable to find and collect.

  3. Poor Shane.
    He got about 10% of card value for what he paid.

    This is definitely a product to just buy singles of.

  4. The possibility of spending 200 dollars and pulling a Jason Smith and Eugene Monroe in a single box of high(ish) end product scares the crap out of me.

    I often wonder what the difference in price is between a guy like Smith, and say a guy like Johnny Knox, or even a retired guy.

  5. Beautiful cards horible price. I will let the high end collectors bust then go right to ebay, see what 200.00 can bring in singles.

  6. It reminds me of buying a car once you take it off the lot, the price depreciates very quickly. Buy a Box for $200 and open the packs and receive $40 worth of cards.

  7. Kris, Highish?! When you compare hits/cards per price this release is nearly on exquisite level. Just from a entry level price point. Now if you are speaking of secondary market demand for, and price of, singles I could see that. Sorry you got hosed Shane. I have yet to see a break without hosage.

  8. Agreed with all prior post… Will wait till prices cone down (at least 10%) and start searching eBay for singles I like… The prices are ridiculous.. And some of the guarenteed “hits” are very mediocre…

  9. First let me say its nice to be back in “Heaven”. Thanks folks for the comments and posts. That showing from the box of Black is exactly why I was a “one and out” kind of guy on this deal. I saw some really bad breaks.
    I do really like the base cards more than the other stuff. But it would be a total pain to build the base set.
    As I mentioned to Mario I will be busting a box or two of the Upper Deck Prominent Cuts, that should be out in a few weeks. After that I have several boxes of Topps Unique Football on the way, around the first of the year. Plus what ever else my dealer gets that I may have an itch to break. I will pass along the scans and info to Mario.

    Later All,
    Submarine Shane – The Man on the Street

    P.S. I just realized I have retired from and returned to wax busting almost as much as Brett Favre has in the NFL.

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