Retro Sets Still Rule Baseball

Retro Sets: You either love them or have grown sick of them by now. Either way, collectors have spoken and retro-themed sets are still all the rage in baseball. From the king of the hill, Allen & Ginter, to newcomers like Obak and Goodwin Champions, it’s clear nostalgic collectors can’t get enough.

With Topps’ Heritage High Number Series and T-206 hitting collectors this past week, we can now take a look back at the year that was and pick out the very best of the best. Exactly who put out the best retro set in 2009?

For fans of retro products, the brands are a reminder of all that is still great in this hobby. From on-card autographs to immaculate designs, these sets have a huge number of die-hard collectors who live for completing their set and chasing down a pull of a lifetime along the way.

It should be noted that almost every single baseball retro release featured on-card autographs with the exception of Tristar Obak, Upper Deck’s doomed O-Pee-Chee, and Topps’ T-206, which features 80% hard-signed autographs and 20% of the dreaded sticker labels.

Below is a random gallery of every baseball retro set released in 2009. Which was your personal favorite of the year? If you’re not a fan of these releases and prefer nothing but new, original concepts, there is even an option for you in the survey.



  1. A&G all the way… I owe it to them to have brought me back to The Hobby after 18 yr hiatus…. Their 2009 release was a near flawless execution

  2. For me, it was Allen and Ginter–and everything else.

    The cards looked great, felt expensive, had interesting inserts, on-card autographs, and the price point was reasonable.

    Until a competitor, or even Topps, can come out with something better, I don’t see how A&G doesn’t end up as contender for best set of the year!

  3. The grandaddy of retro T206 is the only thing standing in Ginters path. Everything else seems pretty pale in comparison.

    I would seriously hate to be Upper Deck right now.

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