Is Topps Up To No Good Again?

Topps Company, who perfected the “gimmick” card with an infamous 2007 Topps card featuring George W. Bush, Mickey Mantle, and Derek Jeter … are at it again.

Check out this 2009 Topps Heritage High Number Derek Jeter. Everything looks right until you find the logo of every Yankees fan’s nemesis, the Boston Red Sox on the bottom left corner.

No word yet on just how rare the card is and since High Number just released, there are no completed auctions on eBay at the moment. You can expected a Wax Heaven review later in the week.

Earlier this year, Topps’ rival, Upper Deck, lost the rights to produce licensed baseball cards. Ironically enough, Derek Jeter is an Upper Deck spokesperson and signs exclusively with U.D.

Is this a personal message from Topps to Upper Deck or just for fun?

UPDATE – Topps has confirmed that there are six “extremely short print” variations. See them all HERE.



  1. OMG!!! That is the first thing I noticed about this post and the card was the red sox logo. I totally want that card! Haha… that is so funny! Topps = my new favorite company for doing this!

  2. I just watched the box break on the beckett web site and I have to say I’m very unimpressed with this product. Sure they have chrome and lots of rookies but for 1 hit per box come on. And the guys said they broke another box off camera and didn’t even get a hit. I have to agree with newspaperman maybe topps get a little scared so they do stunts like this to make sure a product sells. I mean look at what it did to 2007 topps series 1. That product more than doubled in price over night and the jeter card wasn’t even short printed or corrected with the initial print run.
    I do like the variants they are cool pulls and don’t subtract from the over all set building if you just ignore them from a basic set.

  3. Nice gimick card, serves Topps two puposes 1)some collectors will get a real hard on for this card and this will help drive overall sales of this release 2) it’s a shot over the vowel to UP to let them know who owns the MLB rights, AND who doesn’t …..
    Personally, I like to see UP step it up on their next releases… Maybe now that they don’t have to pay the licensing fee for MLB they can put more money into player autos(more stickies) and we can have more “hits” on next year’s releases.

  4. It’s fully a jab at Upper Deck for getting the exclusive autograph rights from Jeter and the other Core Four. I’m sure it’s not the last of the “Gimmicks” we will see from them either. But competition is good and maybe some good product will come from this. Supply and demand my friend, in the end isn’t that what drives this great hobby of ours?

  5. A message to Topps, if you can put so much effort in figuring out what gimmick card to release in a set, how about putting that much effort in your products. Who was the genuis behind this card, what was the laughter like at the cooler, he he ha ha lets out a red sox logo on Jeter that will get collectors to want this card, total crap. When you have a product like heitage how about a gimick like vintage card per pack, when will topps learn, they are rich in history, start using it.

  6. Now that’s just rude…

    And wait, what? Topps released Heritage High AND Topps206 at the same time??? Up yours Topps, some collectors got laid off this year. On the other hand this probably means more Heritage High blaster boxes in the 50% off bin next year…

  7. Other than pure printing mistakes, for which this is surely not one if it is in fact a true card and not a gimmacked internet image, it is MLB that is to blame for these flaws. Any decent lawyer drafting a licensing agreement would generally include a clause requiring the licensee to use the licensed intellectual property only in an appropriate manner. As to MLB logos, there would surely be representative things attached to that clause that you cannot do (e.g., use an opposing team logo on a current or retired player seems like a logical one). The licensor would extract penalties for abuse of intellectual property and/or reserve the right to cancel the license agreement. Poor contract draftsmanship is likely to blame.

  8. Hello Mc. Fly Its High Series!!!!!!!

    You know like last years High Series.

    I personally like the gimmick cards. It ads a bit of variety to the big picture. As for the The logo I think its terrific!! It just shows how important of a role a tiny logo can play when it comes to a baseball card.

  9. Wow, the informed collectors weigh in πŸ˜€

    Seriously? Does nobody, including Mario, remember all the SSPs in previous Heritage releases? There have been at least 7 or 8 other cards in previous series just like this. There is also, in this same release, a Dustin Pedroia with a Yankees logo. Is that a shot at Upper Deck too?

    These are Super SPs, period. They fall 1 every 7-10 cases and add a chase element for the “master set” collectors.

    On a side note, I find it hilarious to hear someone on the “home of the set collector” bitching about there only being 1 hit per box in a set builders product :p

  10. Apparently it is impossible to ask for a normal baseball card set anymore these days and ppl wonder why the hobby is dying

  11. Wow! You guys need to get over yourselves. It’s nothing more than just something Topps put in there to add something different. If it’s such a “jab” at Upper Deck, then why are the Pedroia cards with a Yankees logo? It’s just a short print card to give people something to chase. Calm down.

  12. Topps did the same thing with a couple of the variations in Heritage earlier this year, and there was no venom espoused at them……suddenly, when it’s Smirky Jeter involved, some want to burn Topps at the stake?

    THIS is what you choose to be critical of Topps for, Mario?


  13. I ran into a guy at my local flea market who had a collection of Santa cards companies had inserted into their baseball and football releases over the years and it looked pretty cool. I think the same thing could be true about Topps gimmicks, I’d like to see a Topps gimmick super collector.

  14. Slowdog – (I could be wrong) but I don’t think the 2 socks are an official Boston Red Sox license logo. However, I do see the TM at the bottom of the socks that kind of confuses me. That may have been Red Sox logo 50 years ago but I wonder if they still own the right (forever) for that logo.

    Also, Jay point is well taken, the logo and the design makes the card. The Jeter pose is a classic. I don’t like horizontal cards but the 1960 set had a lot of things going on.

    With all of their paint brushing, I always wished Topps would make fantasy Cards. Could you imagine Derek Jeter in a Boston Red Sox uniform. Or how about Babe Ruth in a Red Sox uniform or even Brett Farve in a Minnesota Vikings uniform.

  15. When they did this gimmick in the 1st series I made a killing. I was one of the lucky ones that opened a loaded box. I pulled 49 of the Super SP’s and sold them for over $4500. That is the money I have been using to do all these box breaks. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that when I open a couple of the High Number boxes I have the same luck. As for the Auto hits with this product thinking back over the last 3 years I may opened about 10 boxes of heritage and never pulled an Auto so I’m used to it by now and is expected.

  16. This is crap.

    If I were in charge of MLB licensing, I would start looking around my office for license revocation papers and forms as well as a big stamp that says terminated. The MLB really needs to protect its product a little better than this. I’m thinking more along the lines of the NFL, where you can’t even order a custom jersey with the name of an active player on a different team than the one he really plays for. (I just checked, and MLB Shop doesn’t let you do this either.)

    I’m trying to put myself in the shoes of a fan of one of these teams. I can imagine my own disgust if Topps made a card of Ryan Braun with a Cubs or Cardinals logo in the corner. I think the commenter Slowdog made a great point with regard to this. Contractually, the MLB needs to get its s*** together.

  17. Plain and simple if you guys don’t like it don’t buy it….. Bitch all you want Topps is still going to make a killing here!

  18. Guys, think about this one. We all know that Topps created this for collectors, to have something to chase. It’s all about the buck with these company’s, I agree with wickedortega. I read most of the comments… people seem pretty disturbed over this one. I don’t feel it’s a shot at UD at all, I feel it’s a (genius) money makin’ gimmick.

    Oh one thing, I wonder if Jeter will ever have to sign that card. Haha! Now that would be a Kodak moment, a little kid around 10 or 11 years old walking right up to Derek pleading with him to sign this. Classic, just classic πŸ™‚

  19. Mr.Scott,

    What are the odds that one of Wax Heaven’s regulars would be one of those to get one of the “mistakenly” loaded-with-case-hits boxes?


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