You Be the Judge – SP Threads

I’ve been saying for quite some time that Upper Deck’s design team clearly has more talent for creating football products than anything else. It seems like every time I bust a U.D. football product, I am amazed by a design, insert, or another new concept. 2009 SP Threads follows in that tradition.

For starters, the base cards look cooler than anything I’ve seen this year in football. The die-cuts, which we’ve been seeing a lot of from this design, still looks great and actually features a different photo on the back … something that’s very rare in trading cards these days.

The sample box Upper Deck sent was not the typical Hobby box which promises five memorabilia or autograph cards per box. Instead, it was a box with 144 cards and one game-used relic. Dave & Adam’s is selling the full version for $80 dollars, which would seem like a better deal given Upper Deck’s reputation for football.

I’ll let readers be the judge on this one. What do you think of this year’s SP Threads?

(click on thumbnails for full-size scans)



  1. The base cards are OK. The design is clean and all, but just seems kind of played out The rookie card version looks cool though. I know it is pretty much the same design, but the rookie card just looks better, But as I think about it might be the difference between a vertical vs a horizontal layout.

    I know they have been done a lot but the through back mid 90’s die cuts are always cool looking.

  2. I think that the relic card looks great, and the colors really pop on it. As for the base stuff and the rookie – I’m not a huge fan of the obstructed “threads” in the background and never have been. And I’ve never been a huge fan of cards with weird cuts like the Superstar card you show here.

    So…3/4 card types I’m not huge on. But the relic card looks sweet. So…I’m mixed haha

  3. Well the base cards look pretty simple, so they don’t look that bad. The rookies are almost kinda hard to miss at times. The die-cut cards are a pretty cool little extra insert. The letterman that are in this set, which you didn’t get, look really great as a whole. Also, the patches that they insert in the set are some of the nicest cards available.

  4. The Game Day Gear cards are the biggest cop out of the year. Come on UD!? I have pulled the identical Jake Long [yuk] from Philadelphia, SP signature, SP Threads, and base UD retail. That is horrible. It makes sense as an insert in Threads but is so out of place in Philadelphia. The base is clean but boring, much like Signature. I think UDs design team has taken the year off to be honest. They mailed this one in from what I see.

  5. the relic card may look ok but the jersey piece is too small and it doesn’t even cover the whole opening! paging UD quality control!!

  6. Once again not the greatest for me! I see the photos all multiple cards! Is it really hard to make the one product appeal to the collector upper deck?

  7. yea that game day gear is like just put it in all retail cause all my retail hits or those game day gear

  8. I thought it was a great product until I got a game day gear jersey card. When you buy a box of SP threads you want SP threads cards, not cards from the regular UD release. Also be prepared to only get four hits as if you pull an extra letterman card, it counts as an auto and a memorbilia hit.

  9. I think the base cards look alright, but I am not terribly wild about them. I get the “threads” theme, but I am not a big fan of the mesh background pattern. The Superstars die cut cards are cool. I always loved die cuts when I was younger and that has not changed over the years. I am not sure why UD included “Game Day Gear” jersey cards in this set. They look identical to the ones included in the flagship boxes. Odd.

  10. The base card looks decent and I like the fact they incorporated the team colors into the background. However, the “Threads” text in the background could go. Instead, what about putting the players name in the background as it would appear on the back of their jersey?

    The Future Watch Rookie doesn’t impress me too much. It’s not too much different than the base card but something about it irks me. Maybe because of the horizontal layout, I don’t know.

    The SP Super Star card looks great, I don’t think you can do any wrong with that design.

    I like the Game Day Gear card but the swatch could be bigger and I’m tired of single color swatches. At least add a seem or something to make it more interesting.

  11. I love this set, but I didn’t know it had game day gear.

    I love the acetate cards; they make relics non-boring. The letterman and rookies on the die-cut cards are stellar. At the price point, I’m opening this before just about any other Topps/UD product.

  12. The cards are basic but at least they are clean, no over design on this set. But this set is no where near what UD should be producing and the Game Day Gear cards need to disappear. It would be better to get a nicely designed parallel or insert instead of this.

  13. I’m not 100% in love with the base cards and rookies, but the Superstar insert looks really nice. I also like the Dorsey jersey card, but I hope the little patch is just 2-color (red and white) and not totally red and not centered in the opening properly.

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