Panini Resurrects Studio!

As a long time collector, it’s not often I get too excited about the happenings in The Hobby. Today, I can say I am truly happy after finding out that an old school favorite is back and looks pretty damn good.

Take a look at the return of Donruss Panini Studio. It officially makes its return in late February of 2010 and has a $4 dollar per pack SRP. Furthermore, each pack contains five cards and a full box carries 24 packs.

Some notable names in the autograph checklist includes “Magic” Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Isiah Thomas, and Blake Griffin. No word yet on whether the autographs are labels or hard-signed.

Along with bringing back the Studio brand, Panini also brought back popular 90’s inserts ‘Skylines’ and ‘Master Strokes’, two insert sets I’ve written about at Wax Heaven in the past year.

Maybe the companies read the card blogs more than I thought …



  1. The cards don’t even resemble the heritage of the brand. Nothing like recycling a brand name just to recycle a brand name. Terrible!

  2. I don’t like horizontal cards (they don’t look right in plastic sheets), they do not look right for Basketball Cards. The base looks plain boring for this set but somehow Dirk’s jersey and Kobe’ auto kind of works.

  3. This isn’t Studio, this is just another Donruss relic/auto delivery vehicle. While the design is not as horrible as 2005 Donruss Champions
    it’s still the same lame concept of leaving a big freaking white space on the base card so a relic or autograph may be placed there on about .001% of the cards. Studio is all about great looking base cards and these cards, while admittedly not horrible, still are not even close to great looking.

  4. I think Studio looks better than anything Panini’s rolled out so far, whatever that’s worth. As for dayf’s comparison to Champions, I guess it really depends on how much you like Studio’s design. Champions never set out to be much more than a hit dump (8 per box, I think), and it looked like crap. So if you don’t like the look of this, you probably will agree with dayf much more than someone who likes the way Studio looks.

    I’m indifferent to the comparison myself. I can understand it, but I like Studio’s design, so I don’t really care. And it remains to be seen if this actually turns out to be a hit dump anyway. If there are six or more hits per box, I guess we can say dayf really was onto something (again, not that I care either way, I like the design & think the haters are just blinded by their dislike for Panini itself), but if there’s not that many, that notion would seem to lose much of it’s merit.

  5. Yeah, really this is Studio in name, only. It looks just like almost every other Panini release so far this year.

  6. Beaverman, how is this complete crap? all you idiots out there are just mad that panini got the exclusive license so you have made a choice to bad mouth every release, they have released 2 products! so stfu all of you idiots, i agree with mario here, nice design, plays in well with the patches, autos, etc.
    you all just need to give them a damn chance, stop whining about it
    complete garbage my ass

  7. Some of us don’t enjoy sticker autos and oddly placed jersey/patch pieces with the same crazy design. To be honest I think they are just trying too hard on their designs. I don’t hate the company, their cards just simply aren’t good.

  8. im not pointing out anyone specifically when i say that im just getting tired of everyone bad mouthing panini when theyve only come out with 2 products, people act like its completely different than donruss or something, its still the same people! just new ownership

  9. I don’t know what other product they’ve come out with and frankly I don’t care. I’ve not followed the Panini releases, but when a new ownership takes control they CAN make a company do a complete 180. In fact, who owns them really has no relevance to the product being put out. In the end, is the product good or bad somewhere inbetween? If the manufacture plays into your decision, I feel you’re reading too far into it.

    I am not much of a basketball fan but this is not what Studio has been known for in the past. The background and design is completely different. While it’s sometimes a good thing for a brand to reinvent itself, Studio had it’s niche and it worked, except for maybe 2005 baseball (too much white made it bland for me).

    In the end, I don’t care if these images were provided by Topps, UD, Panini, Donruss.. I still don’t like it, bring something to the table that resembles old school Studio (locker room shots, skylines, stadiums, etc. for the background) and I’ll reconsider.

  10. I thought the point of Donruss Sussudio was to have pseudo-candid shots of the athletes out of uniform and in front of some sort of middle-school marble-y backdrop or boudoir setting.

    What’s with the jerseys, and the lack of sensitive, pensive, or endearingly schmaltzy sepia toned close-ups?

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