Where Has the Dignity Gone?

19 11 2009

Maybe it’s just me but it seems like every childhood hero of mine has become a laughing-stock. From Jose Canseco to Hulk Hogan, it appears very few athletes can find a way to retire and stay away from the limelight.

I won’t even go into what a joke Jose has become because we’ve all seen him spend time in prison, appear in women’s lingerie on VH1’s Surreal Life, and most recently get knocked out by complete bums in the “celebrity” boxing scene.

Recently, the just-vindicated Mike Tyson made headlines for beating a paparazzi within an inch of his life (thank you, Mike). Unfortunately, this little incident might lead to Iron Mike spending even more time in prison since he’s currently on probation.

A couple of days ago, everyone went crazy when news broke that ancient, imminent heart attack victim, Ric Flair, got into a fight at a press conference with half-cripple, Hulk Hogan. Much like everything else in wrestling, the whole thing was fake.

In case you’re wondering, Hulk is going on tour to fight. Among other great names on his show will be Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, The Nasty Boys, and Val Venis. Oh, and Beckett’s favorite wrestler, Ric Flair.

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12 responses

19 11 2009

Can we file this under, “Well, duh.”?

19 11 2009
Mike F

Dignity and wrestling belong in the same sentence?

Right up there with “hitting release dates” and “working on internet dumping”.

Mario, please don’t ruin the Easter Bunny for us next – lol

19 11 2009

juice, baby, juice!

19 11 2009

Uh, yeah, what they said…Flair and Hogan go together like PB and J. I remember back in the 80’s we were champing at the bit to get the two of them in the same ring back when Hogan was WWF Champ and Flair was NWA Champ. Of course since then we’ve gotten that match about a gazillion times, but it still is entertaining, even if both of them have lost several steps.

It was once said that Ric Flair could make a broom stick look good in a wrestling ring. Hogan is just about as active as a broom stick, should be much fun.

19 11 2009


19 11 2009

Chalk it up to round-the-clock media coverage. I doubt athletes/actors have changed much in the past 50 years, it’s just that now we have total access to their private lives.

19 11 2009

let me guess, they will be joined by D-listers such as Alburt and Blue Meanie?

19 11 2009
Will Entrekin

“From Jose Canseco to Hulk Hogan, it appears very few athletes can find a way to retire and stay away from the limelight.”

The thing about it is that everything you mentioned is merely the desperate attempts of retired athletes to remain in the limelight. The limelight goes away unless they fight for it.

19 11 2009

Anyone who hasnt seen The Wrestler do yourself a favor and see it. These guys unretire because they love the adoration of fans, the roar of the crowd, and the spotlight(even when it dims). After all the glamour and glitz they get bored with mundane life. Now go watch that amazing movie.

19 11 2009

Been meaning to watch The Wrestler… I’ll get to it the next time it’s my turn to pick at Blockbuster!

20 11 2009
robert s.

where’s the dignity? These are athletes who probably have low IQ’s who blow through their money and need to make money to live. They need to do something to make the public care for me, pay to see them again in some forum and set up things like this.

I think you’ll find those athletes who took care of their money are happy living out their life out of the public glare and don’t need stunts or other trash to make money.

20 11 2009

I doubt you will regret it. It is a tear jerker.

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