New 2010 Topps Images

This morning, Topps released new images from 2010 baseball products through their Twitter account.

Along with two images from Topps Attax, they also showed off an autograph from 2010 Opening Day.

Although not exactly an official release, Attax was one of Topps’ weakest efforts last year. These new images clearly show they have upgraded their design.

Stay tuned for more 2010 Topps coverage.



  1. For low end products they look really good, the Attax i mean, it’d be nice to see a retired players set, but im guessing they arent going to get that serious about product line.

  2. I was surprised that Attax last year didn’t have card numbers. It was a bit hard to know how many cards you needed to get a whole set, including foil variations.

    For CCG card backs, they’re normally identical and uniform for the sake of playing the card game fairly, so usually card numbers (like Magic: The Gathering) are on the front in mouse type.

    Can’t tell from these images if Topps is going to make this mistake again.

  3. I just wish topps would show the regular edition card for opening day. If you are buying that set it probably is not for the auto’s which should be extremely rare to get.

  4. Yes, Bring Back Topps Total. I freaking loved that. It was great that when you completed a team set you ACTUALLY HAD A TEAM SET. Guys in the pen, 4th and 5th starters, and all those fringe regulars are part of the team too, and they often are when give the team personality. I feel the same about football…I am not sure why any kid wants to grow up to be an offensive lineman. No cards!

  5. NICE!!! I Love Attax. Although I never really got to collect the 09 set accept for a couple of box decks, I feel in love with the product immediately. They were pretty much my dream card, a trippy-like background design, featuring a great player pose. Also, the edition it could be turned into a fun card game, also, the fact that there were no stats on the back was also fantastic because it aloud me to focus more on the pose. Topps really got one right when they came out with Attax in my opinion.

    I also loved the fact that it was low-budget which meant low prices and we all know that is a step in the right direction. Also, I like just focusing on inserts A.K.A. “Singles”, Not feeling disappointed because I didn’t pull the big Jersey or Autographed card. I was tremendously happy with just getting a couple of Attax cards.

    In other words, I am extremely happy that they are bringing this back! The only thing that this product let me down on, was the fact that my local card store didn’t carry this product. They just directed me to the Target across the street, But, this was not Topps fault. Anyways, Attax looks beautiful this year 🙂

    Great post, Mario… keep up the great work!

    But another thing, I never really found Topps Opening day good. I mean, the only different thing about Opening day than the regular Topps product is a different framing around the edge. They take the same pictures and all… anyways, thanks for the post.

    ~Eric E

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