Is Brock Lesnar Near Death?

Brock Lesnar, one of the most succesful W.W.E. wrestlers and now a star for U.F.C, recently had to cancel his upcoming bout due to a mystery illness. About 24 hours later it was revealed that Lesnar had contracted Mononucleosis.

A week after that news, more information began to leak which was a lot more scary. Suddenly, this was a case way more serious than a bout with Mono. Now it’s being reported that Brock is “seriously ill” and that he may never fight again but not much else.

After much concern by fans of M.M.A., it’s now been revealed that Brock had a bacterial infection in his intestinal tract. He is slated to be released from a hospital soon but U.F.C. President, Dana White, has suggested further treatment for the 32-year old Lesnar.

Personally, I’ve always been a fan of Brock, especially after he bolted from W.W.E. while he was the main star, to follow his dream of playing professional football. Although that did not work out, I’m not surprised that he climbed the ladder of another sport and became a star yet again.

Below is a sample of cards from the 3-sport star. The final card is Brock’s once blazing hot, first certified autograph released a few months ago by Topps Company for their U.F.C. brand. No word on how many more Brock Lesnar cards Topps has in store for collectors.



  1. One of the most amazing displays of brute strength I have ever witnessed, the Last Lesner/Mir fight. Brock demolished Mir and at one point nearly choke him into unconciousness with his thumb. He held his thumb over Mirs artery and Mirs eyes began to flutter. I was disappointed with Brocks attempt to play heel after such a masterful fight. Now I hope to see him in the octagon again. Just remember this, Brock Lesners thumb is tougher than YOU! W000000000

  2. Seems like the doctors have no idea what the problem is. Mono is very different from intestinal infections. Being I’m a med tech in a microbiology lab, I’m curious about what type of bacteria has invaded his gut as the stuff we see wouldn’t cause anything that would threaten his career.

  3. Brock Lesner, we hardly knew you. Sorry to hear the news of this, but have never been a big fan. Since his Wrestle Mania match with Goldberg never respected him.

  4. That clip jesse is referring too is crazy. That was from his match vs Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania 19. I will never forget that one. He had no idea where he was after landing on his head like that. If it wasn’t for the unhuman strength in his neck and back, he easily would have been paralyzed.

    But, I hope Brock recovers. He has added a spark to the UFC for me (not that they needed it). I never thought he would rise to this level as quickly as he has in MMA. I think one valid concern of many are the lack of true opponents for Lesnar with his size and strength.

  5. Hmm… I had no idea that he played pro football. Not to be insensitive, but I have always thought that Brock was a bit cocky in a sense. With the whole “Mir had a horseshoe up his @$$, and I took it out and beat him over the head with it!” thing, I think he was acting like he was still in the WWE… my opinion though! I use to be a fan of the WWE around ages 4-6 or so (Long time ago!) anyways, I saw Brock when he was a rookie, I just remember everyone thinking this dude (Brock) was a monster, with his physique and all.

    Anyways, Best of luck to ya Brock.

    ~Eric E

  6. Its very sad that people say Lesna is dead,
    Im very sorry of his illness but with God1s Grace we hope that everything will go normal and he will get better very soon.
    We love u and pray for u Lesna, may God bless u!

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