Razor Offers Sneak Peek Into Pop Century

Thanks to the huge response by Wax Heaven readers in the Pop Century contest, Brian Gray has decided to share two mock-ups of autographs that will be included in the upcoming non-sports release in 2010.

The first card is of comedian/actor, Christopher Lloyd, who is likely best remembered as the wild-haired “Doc” in the ‘Back to the Future’ movie trilogies. According to the Internet Movie Database, the 71-year old actor has over five projects in the works.

The second card is of everyone’s favorite blond from the E! reality TV show, ‘Girls Next Door’, Kendra Wilkinson. She has an autograph in 2009 Upper Deck Spectrum but I think I like the Razor edition a lot more.

Other celebrities who have already signed their Pop Century cards include popular music act, Pink, Star Trek legend, William Shatner, Lord of the Rings alum, Sean Astin, celebrity disaster, Kim Kardashian, and veteran actor, Richard Dreyfuss.

The Razor contest has been extended until Friday.



  1. I will definitely get my hands on that Kendra card.

    Those look sharp!

    Nice clean design with no crazy foil board going on.

    Good job Razor

  2. Dear God, not more Sean Astin cards. Andy Serkis would be more interesting.

    Yes, Kendra is beautiful (as if that’s news). The only way she stays that way is if she keeps her mouth shut. Her “dopiness-behind-that-laugh” makes me scramble for the mute button as if were attached to a happiness dispenser.

  3. Sorry Razor Im not really feeling the checklist so far.

    The pictures and card design is OK but its not what I would call awesome.

  4. I’m liking the design thus far, especially if the autographs end up being on-card. However, of the names announced, only Pink hasn’t signed in other sets. That being said, the Christopher Lloyd is awesome. His previous autograph is of him dressed as a Klingon or whatever Star Trek alien he played. This would be a better choice for my collection. B-list celebrities only need so many cards. Hopefully Razor will find some other folks to sign that haven’t been done yet. That’s where I see much of the potential success coming from.

  5. James, There will be MAJOR stars.
    This is a small sampling of what the product looks like.
    The checklist will be 100 or more names and have some NICE BIG stars.

  6. Actuallly, do not make “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly” triple auto happen. If you do, I have to rationalize a reason why I am going to drop 1000 bucks on ebay to grab it!

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