Chasing Nostalgia Pt. 5

Every collector starts somewhere. For me, it was 1990 Classic WWF trading cards. This was my first foray into trading cards and despite showing its age, this set still looks great close to twenty years later.

You must remember, this is 1990 we’re talking about. Don’t expect to find any memorabilia cards or certified autographs. You can however, rely on some excellent photography, both in studio and action shots.

If you’re a wrestling fan from the 80’s and early-90’s, you will find all your favorite superstars from yesteryear. From Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior, to those well-known “jobbers” like Brooklyn Brawler. Everyone is represented.

Being a fan of Classic, especially in baseball, this WWF set might actually be the best work they have ever done. From personalized cards with the wrestler’s logos and more, to entertaining and informative card backs.

If you can find a set for under $10 dollars, it’s a must-buy product.


Current eBay price – $15+ for a factory set

Guarantees – 145 cards

Look for – Lots of nostalgia-inducing images

The Good:

Iconic photography

Informative card backs

The Bad:

Flimsy card stock

Final Grade: A-



  1. Nice find Mario. I remember grabbing a few packs of these growing up. The Ted Dibiase card reminds me how much I wanted my own Million Dollar Belt growing up.

  2. I always thought those portrait cards would be awesome to get autographed. Piper has been in the area a few times with a local promotion, but I’m not sure if I want to spend the $20 to get his autograph.

  3. I can actually recall collecting this set in my youth, and getting angry when I would keep buying packs and not find any new cards. Who doesn’t love pulling doubles and triples of Barry Horowitz?!? The Ultimate Warrior got his own separate page of course

  4. Wow, Demolition were my favorite tag team when I was a kid, but seeing that picture of them now really creeps me out. Is it just me or do they look like a couple of gay bikers going to a Kiss concert?

  5. One of the first sets I ever collected was a Topps WWF set from like 1987, with Andre the Giant, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Macho Man Savage/Elizabeth, etc. My parents, though, were probably concerned that I had pictures of large, shirtless dudes.

  6. Although I’m not a wrestling fan, seeing this set reminds me of how many great-looking sets are out there from the 1985-1994 time period that are dirt cheap.

    Card manufacturers have to realize that they are not just competing against each other for the collector dollar….they are also competing against all the other products that have previously been released and are still available on the secondary market.

    I haven’t bought a single wax box of a current release in 2009…but I’ve spent several hundred dollars buying boxes from the 80’s & 90’s that have great designs and are a much better value for $$$.

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