Topps Mayo Review

I’m a big fan of retro-themed products. This year alone I have fallen for T-51 Murad Basketball, Allen & Ginter Baseball, and to some extent, Topps Mayo Football.

For me, I still have a bad taste left in my mouth from the disastrous 2008 Mayo release, which promised more than it delivered and left many football collectors upset with Topps.

This year, Topps ditched the black & white base cards for a more Allen & Ginter style version. The base cards and relics look great, as do the mini parallels and variations. The autographs on the other hand, don’t quite live up to the retro theme.

Unfortunately, much like T-51 Basketball, Topps used stickers for the autographs. While they are the more subtle clear labels, it does bring down the feel of the product. Would Allen & Ginter be as popular if it featured stickers?

As for Mayo, it’s a great-looking product but for a collector that’s been recently spoiled by Topps Finest and Topps Chrome, it lacks the excitement those more flashy releases bring to the table.


Current eBay price – $75+

Guarantees – One relic & autograph per box

Look for – Cut signatures, rip cards, quad autographs

The Good:

Great designs runs through entire product

Excellent mini parallel variations

The Bad:

Sticker autographs on a retro-themed product


Relic – Ronnie Brown

Autograph – Gartrell Johnson

Final Grade: B



  1. horrible auto.
    I think card companies shouldn’t pay for half assed efforts like this one, Chris Johnson, etc.

  2. I really don’t know how this product succeeds.

    Football collects aren’t as anal as baseball collectors from the looks of it. When you start getting into the 75 dollar a box region, 1 auto and 1 memo is pretty sketch.

    The cards look absolutely awesome though.

    I don’t know what the sets will cost on eBay, but if shipping’s decent, it’s definitely worth grabbing a base set sans all the wacky non-football SP.

  3. I’m a football junkie. I was actually looking forward to this year’s Mayo. I liked the design, and from what I’ve heard/read, Topps wasnt going to pull a fast one on us like they did last year with the auto’s.

    now that it’s live and I can see what I’m working with, I’ll pass. I might buy a base set & pick up the SP’s, but I wont be going nucking futs busting wax on it.

  4. I really enjoyed Mayo last year.
    I don’t know if I will bust wax with it this year. Buying a set ay be the way to go.
    I did pull some nice hits out of blasters last year, though. I even pulled a red auto #’d to 10.

  5. Does anyone think this might be a preview of what we could possibly see next year as an unlicesned product from topps? By looking at the base I.E the marino and rice, no logos, last names only on front and only the first part of a team name, as in San Diego, or Miami. What do you guys think? Im not sure if Topps can use current players or not

  6. I enjoy Topps Mayo. I just bought a blaster of 09 Mayo and the cards look great. These are great for through the mail autographs. I am not a fan of the sticker autos, but not many are.

    I will gladly trade for any base cards and minis anyone is willing to get rid of. Just let me know what you may be interested in. I may try and fill the set.

    I would love to pull one of the quad auto cabinet cards. There is one listed on ebay with Jim Brown, Barry Sanders, Brett Favre, and Peyton Manning. Even though the autos are stickers, you would have to admit it is a historical combination.

    Hey Brian, I also pulled some nice hits from 08 Mayo blasters. Who was your red auto? I pulled a Matt Ryan blue auto

  7. One more thing, I was looking at the checklist for 09 Mayo and saw they have Usain Bolt. That would be a nice one to have.

  8. I think this years Mayo is a huge step up over last years.
    The white looks really classic, the base cards look really high end, like the could be from a product like National Treasures.

    Mario did you get a Favre card by any chance?

  9. Football is a lot easier to do without logos because they do not usually appear on uniforms. If I recall correctly, Topps produced football cards for quite a few years without logos (I think from 1970-1981) because they didn’t want to pay for the license.

  10. My son saved his dough to by a box of these. He was really upset to get a auto of mike Powell world record holder in track. Any one looking for this card feel free to email me. He would love to trade it.

  11. These can be hit or miss boxes. I got two and pulled a Brandon Marshall jersey, Jake Long auto and a Big Ben rip card out of the first one, but then got a Robiskie auto and a jersey from a Rams lineman and nothing else out of the second.

    All my silvers and minis are up for trade, as well as the above cards (not sure about the rip card yet). See my want list at www dot freewebs dot com slash loqtus. Email at the bottom of the page.

  12. What I’m wondering is why Topps has not released any Bowman stylesets in Football. The Mayo cards aren’t half bad, but the 1951-1955 Bowman football designs are ten times better looking.

  13. Too bad this didn’t go live after they knew they were not going to have football next year. I have a feeling they would have loaded it up a little more. I’m really interested to see what they do for the later years product when time is running out on their NFL license.

    I agree that an un-licensed version could work if they load it up with lots of non-football stuff. We’ll see.

  14. I picked up a box of these cards just for the heck of it.
    Only thing that looks like it might be of some value is a card with an
    encased postage stamp from turn of the century.
    I found this thread while on line trying to figure out it’s value.
    Anyone have any ideas?

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