It Ain’t Easy Being Jericho

It’s already been proven time and time again that there are just some people who cannot handle wrestling. Folks, it’s a show. Yes, it’s dangerous and can lead to death and many horrible things but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a show.

Chris Jericho, once a headlining act in multiple organizations, is now just one level above Santino in the comedy department at WWE. He’s basically turned into an over the top “bad guy” who in one week will insult TV legend Bob Barker and in another week gets made fun of by Ozzy Osbourne and family.

Unfortunately for Jericho, it appears that he’s become the poster boy for bad publicity. Earlier this year his car was mobbed by fans and he was attacked by a couple of idiots who didn’t comprehend that wrestling is scripted and not real life.

Last week, after too many drinks and/or while in character, Jericho made some insultin remarks aimed at Middle Easterners & gays. The host of the event, Mister Lobo, made the best of the publicity by sending TMZ a video of the event as well as a response.

If you think that’s the end of it, check out what happened to Jericho two days ago at a WWE event. Nothing worse than catching a flying glow stick with your face and having to take it. You can bet the coward who threw the glow stick would not have gotten away with it during Jericho’s ECW days.

Someone else that made TMZ this week: Beckett Media



  1. I havnt followed wrestling in a while, but its a shock that he is D-level now.. he truly worked his way to the top with a little of everything. sad

  2. I don’t see Santino wearing a belt, or getting world title shots.

    Jericho does. He’s in a triple-thread at Survivor Series with Undertaker and Big Show. While Big Show has had the title before, he’s never really a serious contender. Jericho was probably added simply because Undertaker vs. Big Show wouldn’t be a good match.

    He’s an over-the-top heel, yes. However, he’s currently the #1 or #2 heel in the company, perhaps behind Orton.

  3. As yes this is all scripted, Jericho does have a temper. He will beat ass if provoked. I don’t like the character he is now, before he was a little easy to deal with, his character now is not him. He just released his new album with FOZZY so I think that is the reason he is being pushed. As for Survior Series, it’s Shows turn for the belt.

  4. Who would have thought I would get my Chris Jericho update on a sports card web site??!! Jericho is the bomb, he works the crowd so well, and as long as they keep writing the checks you can throw bologna against his naked arse for all he cares!!! He does what is asked of him, a true pro!!!

  5. Wtf how come only one of the glow sticks acually hit him. There must of been like 30 and I know people cant have that bad of arms. If this wasnt scripted he would have gotten the shit beat out of him

  6. What a great role model for kids. A drunk racist fool. His own security doesn’t even have his back. As for as hitting women goes. I don’t like it. I could care less what a women does to me I could never get myself to take a swing at one.

    What a complete doosh- bag.

  7. The character that Jericho is portraying now is what his job dictates. He’s far from bottom of the barrel though. He’s half of the tag champs and is also right in the mix in singles competition as well.

    The reason you see him in skits being mocked right now is because it fits the character that he is currently playing and he’s one of the few guys on the roster that can do it well. It’s not quite up to the level of the whining, petition-carrying heel that he played in WCW, but his character now is great. What other heels in the WWE right now get the fans to legitimately dislike them. I’m not talking about a Miz, we hate you because you’re boring and bland type of way. Jericho can get over as a heel on his own merits and not just because he’s booked against a face.

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