Jose Canseco Fight Results & Photos

6 11 2009

Jose Canseco was greeted by a round of boos as he entered the ring. The challenger, Todd Poulton, was a hometown hero who had most of the crowd on his side.

It didn’t take long for Jose to quiet the fans as he scored a first round knockdown with a jab and then kept his opponent from landing any meaningful punches throughout the fight.

Jose now improves his celebrity boxing record to 2-2 with this decision and might need to find a new job as the schtick seems to be getting old. It was estimated that less than 500 people were in attendance.

No word on who his next opponent will be.

Dustin Diamond, anyone …?

Jose Canseco & Michael Lohan




6 responses

7 11 2009

Jose actually won? sweet!!

to bad I didnt put 5 bucks on him, I could own a Ruth cut from the winnings 😉

7 11 2009

Sweeeet – Good job Jose!

7 11 2009

cool. too bad his costume is ugly

7 11 2009

Did Jose fight a guy wearing an old school Macho Man Randy Savage shirt?

7 11 2009

@Torrii, it’s better that “El Gigante” body suite with muscles he wore a few months back.

Whose El Gigante? :

8 11 2009

I want to challenge Jose next!! I’m in Afghanistan right now – be back home in the summer! Sarge KO
p.s. The main .jpg doesn’t display when you click the link… please send it to me – would love to have a copy of Jose…

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