Collectors Still Love Bo Jackson

Are you ready to feel old? It’s been 23 years since Vincent Edward Jackson made his baseball debut with the Kansas City Royals in 1986. It seems almost that long since he played his final game in 1994 with the California Angels.

You’ll never see Bo Jackson inducted into Cooperstown and with stars like Albert Pujols in the game today, it’s easy to forget what Bo accomplished on the baseball field so long ago but thankfully, collectors still remember.

The two-sport star may have only made a small impact on the diamond but despite his short tenure, collectors are still buying up his cards at an alarming rate, especially his certified autographs, which can be found in Topps & Upper Deck products.

Need proof of Bo’s 2009 Hobby dominance? Check out the final price of this 2009 Triple Threads 1/1 featuring a sticker autograph and pieces of game-used memorabilia. Now check out this 2009 Sweet Spot jumbo patch sale.

I don’t know about you but $500 dollars for two cards of a guy who Baseball-Reference compares most to Nick Esasky & Greg Vaughn is pretty damn impressive. Remember, due to his football injury, Bo didn’t even reach 150 career home runs.

As for the card below, it’s a Donruss 20th Anniversary Buyback Autograph #’d to 87 which recently sold for just under $100 dollars. It’s Donruss’ greatest contribution to The Hobby since 1998 Donruss Crusade.

… that’s another blog, however.

Bo Still Knows Trading Cards



  1. I would buy any of Donruss Recollection auto’s not only do you get the auto, but they are put on the cards I grew up on. The 86 Canseco, 87 Jackson, 84 Schmidt, Diamond Kings, the list goes on. Looks way better than anything new today.

  2. I only collect Oakland A’s cards…but one of the last cards I bought of of ebay was a Bo Jackson jersey card for a buck. Super out of the ordinary for me to get anything other than A’s cards, but I remember when Bo played.

  3. That card is so flippin sweet! I didn’t know these were out there! Thanks for bringing them to my attention. I will most definitely be in the hunt for one.

    It’s that Bo Rated Rookie that I pulled in my first pack ever in ’87 that hooked me on collecting. That and a Dale Murphy Diamond King.

  4. I remember that game that Bo got hurt, broke my heart. I was never and Raiders or Royals fan but I always rooted for Bo. He was great and much more classy than that other 2 sporter Deion Sanders. I still have his rookie cards in my collection. Remember Bo knows? Ahhh the memories. I wonder what he’s doing now??

  5. wonder what bo’s doing now? According to Wikipedia, he co-owns and is CEO of a multisport dome facility (former-MLBer John Cangelosi is his business partner) and he is on the board of directors of a community bank.

    Bo knows banking!

  6. Bo Jackson probably had a shot at becoming the best RB of all time (don’t they all) before he got hurt.

    He didn’t have quite the vision of the other top-tier guys, but he had Campbell’s boom and Sayers’ flow.

    It was just… ‘whoa’ territory.

  7. Never mind Bo, Nick Esasky came out of nowhere to hit thirty homers and then played nine more games and his career was wiped out by vertigo. I guess baseball-reference is getting really detailed when it comes to comparisons.

  8. Bo was one of the most impressive athletes I’ve ever seen.
    It was a real shame that his career in both sports was shortened.

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