Upper Deck Signs Jose Canseco!

I was just informed by Upper Deck that Jose Canseco has signed a non-exclusive autograph deal with former Rookie of the Year, Most Valuable Player, and the first man to accomplish the “40-40”, Jose Canseco.

Upper Deck surprised many collectors (including me) by adding Jose Canseco to their 2009 Sweet Spot checklist. The card, a game-used bat barrel numbered to five copies, recently sold for over $300 dollars.

The deal will be for the upcoming 2010 baseball release calendar and since the ink has barely dried on the Upper Deck contract, no additional information is available at this time.

Happy days are here again …

Jose is coming back!



  1. It’s about time Cansaco made his way back into he hobby in a big way. He has to be one of the top impact players in the hobby all time. Younger collectors have no idea how huge he was in the late 80’s.

    I would love the chance to pull a patch auto of ol’ Jose. A nice green white and yellow patch, it would be beautiful.

  2. What do you mean, Newspaperman?

    Hopefully UD signs more banished players to deals like Big Mac, Palmeiro and others. These guys may be looked down for cheating but they still have huge followings among collectors.

  3. I’m half-joking. It just seemed like a move of deparation from a company that has lost it’s MLB license. Just strikes me as odd that UD had not gone after Canseco in the past.

  4. Newspaper man, due to the MLB license, they could not.

    Why do you think there is so little to no cards of Clemens/McGwire/Canseco? It’s not a coincidence.

  5. I read from one of their employees on Twitter that they will be allowed to do a lot of things they couldn’t get away with in the past without MLB breathing down their necks.

    Big Mac/Canseco dual autograph? That would be legendary.

  6. The way I look at it is that UD looked and discovered that there is still a market for Canseco and others like him and they are givnig collectors what they want.

    Will his cards match those of Pujols and others? Of course not. As for the Buyback base card in this post, it was the only Canseco 2009 card released before 2009 Sweet Spot and the first one sold for close to $50 dollars.

  7. Hey, Ive got a great idea for a new card… the Canseco snitch rip card!!

    If you get it you can keep the Canseco, or you can rip it and see who he suspects is the next cheater! 😉

    in all seriousness though this move is awesome. great to see him back

  8. Congratulations on the Canseco signing Mario! I know I was pretty excited when I found out recently that Topps had finally signed Rickey. I don’t know if the deal is exclusive or not, so maybe UD will go after him as well.

  9. I think that a Canseco/Mac dual auto would be epic. UD losing their MLB license could end up being a HUGE plus for them, not to mention creating something for collectors to enjoy. I’ve had ENOUGH of the same ol’ bullshit that the companies put out. Let’s hope UD takes this opportunity and does something with it.

    I bet Mario finding out about UD signing Canseco went something like this:

    **sits down at computer & logs in**

    **double and triple takes at the info he is reading**

    ** squeals like a little girl and pees himself **

    ** keeps reading **

    ** repeats squealing and peeing **

    ** posts new on Wax Heaven while squealing some more **

    Somewhat accurate Mario?

  10. Well, as a friend I’m happy for you Mario. At the same time I really can’t say I’m looking forward to pulling his cards. But still a good business move, Jose is marketable in a good way still and there is a market there for it.

  11. Anything to make money, I guess. They’ve whored their products out enough, it’s not like they were going to take issue with a cheater.

    Personally, I think Canseco should be acknowledged, and inducted into the HOF, for what he did after baseball. When you think about contributors that’ve been elected, very few have done as much as Jose to change the game.

    With that said, MLB probably put the clamp down on more than a couple taboo subjects and hopefully UD isn’t burning their bridges. I’m sure when the license is up, it’ll be a money-talks issue.

    But I can only imagine the higher-ups that’d like squash certain subjects won’t take kindly to UD’s moves when they re-apply.

  12. >…since the ink has barely dried on the Upper Deck contract, no additional information is available at this time.

    ok, since it’s ink and not pencil on the contract, what is the further info?

    I think what you meant to say is UD will not disclose anything else about the deal, the stuff that normally isn’t disclosed publically until a breach of contract lawsuit. 😉

  13. I was a huge Canseco fan…so much so that Aug 31,1992 still makes me cringe. Good job for signing him UD.

    Without MLB “breathing down your neck”, how about signing the #1 exiled ballplayer, Peter Edward Rose? Lots of Rose fans out there as well…

  14. Well I hope this means they will have auto’s, patches, bat barrels, and the previously lacking logoman and laundry tags.. and most of all I hope not every card they offer is numbered to 10 or less. be nice to get new cards without having to pay $300 per

  15. I have Jose Canseco’s 2009 Sweet Spot Bat Barrell 1 of 5. Do you think there would be a lot of people interested in this card. I was very surprised Upper deck signed him.

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