I’m always behind on what’s popular. For years I have put off watching Showtime’s Dexter despite the series hitting close to home. After all, before Wax Heaven existed I worked five years in the Death Industry and experienced many of the gruesome scenes of the hit show, first hand.

Thanks to a World Series guaranteed to be won by the New York Yankees, I finally had the opportunity to watch the entire first season on DVD. While I still enjoyed the first season of Six Feet Under more, Dexter was a lot more fun and less dramatic than the HBO series about a family-owned funeral home.

As is customary when I watch something new, I quickly ran to eBay to see if Dexter’s star, Michael C. Hall, had any certified autographs. As it turns out, he has at least two great releases for his two biggest hits and they both look pretty freakin’ awesome.

As for which one I like better, it’s got to be the Six Feet Under version which in my opinion features a better design. It also appears to be somewhat rare as there is only one currently on eBay and no completed auctions.

The Dexter autograph, which appears to be on-card, has sold for as low as $70+ to as high as $100+ on eBay recently. The set features nearly the entire cast of the first season and is a must-have for any Dexter fan, card collector or not.