Rodney King Ready For A New Beating

I wish I could tell you the trading card you see below, depicting an infamous and sad day in our history, was not real. It was produced in 2004 by Rittenhouse for their True Crime trading cards and features a drawing of the Los Angeles police officers who beat Rodney King within an inch of his life.

For that brutal and disgusting beating, King walked away with $3.8 million dollars, which he used to open a record company. The money must have run out because in 2008 Rodney took another beating, this time by normal criminals, while riding his bicycle.

Thank goodness for celebrity boxing. Two months ago, Rodney stepped into the ring for his first fight, against a police officer, and walked away the winner. Tomorrow, he will take part in his second celebrity boxing match in a hotel with another former big name on the under card.

Guess who …?

It’s safe to say that Jose Canseco’s career has been a colossal failure. Having suffered two knockouts and a loss to a much smaller Danny Bonaduce, it’s hard to imagine why he would continue to pursue this new “career”. Either way, he too will be fighting on Friday.

Jose’s opponent is Todd Poulton, a real boxing enthusiast who just missed out on turning pro. Believe me when I tell you that he takes celebrity boxing very seriously. More likely than not, you can expect photographs of Jose out on his ass yet again on Friday night.

Stay tuned to Wax Heaven for coverage of the fight.

True Crime

6 thoughts on “Rodney King Ready For A New Beating

  1. This reminds me I have a couple of packs of True Crime cards and was meaning to write a post of but totally forgot. I hope I remember where I put them.

    The cards were quite controversial back in 1992 when they first came out.

  2. Try watching the complete videotape of the “vicious and brutal beating” sometime, sport.

    Liberals make me ill………..


  3. I have seen it. Rodney King was a career criminal, no doubt about it.

    That still does not excuse anyone from doing what they did. It’s not uncommon in L.A, either.

  4. He should’ve followed the officer’s orders and laid on the ground. He resisted and got what he deserved.

  5. The beatings were more like love taps right? Jeez I wouldn’t like to know what you would consider a brutal beating.

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