Card Awards Beginning To Shape Up!

With the baseball release year quickly winding down, I have been thinking a lot about the ‘End of the Year’ awards and what product will win “Best of 2009”. The two-time defending champion, Upper Deck, appears to be the underdog this year.

Having won the award with 2007 SPx and 2008 Masterpieces, Upper Deck is facing some extremely tough competition thanks to a brilliant flagship design by Topps Company and many hit products (not counting Ticket To Stardom).

Below are three early candidates by each company that could win the award. Some products that came close to making the list but didn’t quite have enough steam were Topps’ Heritage and Triple Threads and Upper Deck’s UDx release.

We are still waiting for Upper Deck Ultimate Collection and Topps Sterling and Tribute but unless the products go live by the first week of December, they will not be considered for the award.

Below is the list and some of the highlights:

Topps Company
1. Allen & Ginter – Great design, on-card autographs, wood parallels, rip cards, and rare Dick Perez sketch cards
2.Topps Finest – Great futuristic design, amazing looking parallels, highly sought-after Superfractors
3. Topps Chrome – Leading favorite to win product of the year thanks to a great design, on-card autographs, excellent Refractors, and extremely popular Superfractors

Upper Deck
1. Goodwin Champions – Better artwork than Masterpieces, excellent design on relics, on-card autographs, unique case hits
2. SP Authentic – Great base design & inserts, popular rookie autographs, and Letter Autographs still perform strong on secondary market
3. Sweet Spot – Strong base design and crisp photography, amazing Sweet Spot autographs, and many huge hits being pulled by collectors in first two weeks of release

Honorable Mention
Tristar Obak – Most fun card backs of 2009, good checklist, popular parallels



  1. I think it’ll be tough for any of the Topps product to compete with their UD counterparts sporting Weiters and Porcello autographs.

  2. Tom,

    I can tell you now that Bowman Sterling & Heritage High will likely not be candidates. Doesn’t T-206 drop before December?

    I do the cut-off because once we get to mid-December the traffic starts slowing down as people are preparing for the holidays.

    It doesn’t return until January.

  3. I’m really debating about dipping my toe in the Ultimate Collection pool this year, but I don’t think anything will be able to dethrone my love for this year’s A&G.

  4. “I do the cut-off because once we get to mid-December the traffic starts slowing down as people are preparing for the holidays.

    It doesn’t return until January.”

    Why not make the decision in January then? You are leaving out several products doing it this way.

  5. I think Topps series one and two deserve a nod. They really stepped it up huge this year. The design was great and busting base Topps was as fun this year as it has ever been.
    The jumbo patch cards and the In The Name All Star letter patches are two of the nices cards of the year.
    The veteran sp varriations were a nice addition and made for some fun non relic/auto chase cards.

  6. I’m normally a Topps guy, been completing player sets with them for quite some time, but I picked up my first tin of UD Sweet Spot as was really impressed. Clean design, nice photography and the hits were good, My favorite hit was a Cliff Lee Jersey. I have to say Sweet Spot gets my vote.

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