A Positive Customer Service Story

It’s not too difficult to surf one of the many card forums and read about a customer service horror story. Unfortunately, the good tales never really get the attention they deserve so I thought I’d shine the spotlight on one recent case today.

Imagine spending $150+ for a box of 2009 Topps Triple Threads and pulling one of the premier, non-autograph cards in the entire set. That’s exactly what happened to Blowout Cards forum member “Arodfan17” recently when he pulled an amazing Lou Gehrig “one of one” foldout.

Unfortunately, this one of a kind piece had a huge ding on the back which pretty much destroyed the card’s secondary market value. After contacting Topps’ customer service, a deal was offered. The collector gets to keep the card and Topps provides a box of Sterling & Triple Threads.

How would you rate Topps’ attempt to please this collector?

You can read the forum thread HERE.

(thumbnail leads to full-size scan)

The Iron Horse



  1. How bad is this ding? Honestly, I don’t think the “ding’ will kill the secondary market on that card, it;s 1 OF 1. If a person wants it bad enough, they’ll pay through thenose for it. Not I, but I am sure someone will.

    The offer from UD is great if the ding is not a giant hole.

  2. I agree with NPM, ding or no ding, I love that card. It’s a 1 of 1 and really on the secondary market it might lower the price a little, but it’s the iron horse, I mean I’ve seen battered Ruth cards go for well over a 1000.

  3. The ding wasn’t that bad to be honest, don’t think it effected the value any for that type of card. Surprised he got so much compensation for it, more power to him.

  4. Just saw the “ding.” It’s more of a semi-folded corner. I’d complain about it, too, if I had pulled that card. But the amount of return he got for his complaint is amazing.

    Now if the problem was on the FRONT of the card — as in one of the windows was creased, chipped or otherwise — this would be an entirely different discussion. The fact that you can hide the blemish really helps here for the collector.

  5. I’d call it a huge win for the collector. Not only does he keep a monster pull, but gets another $400 in wax for the problem.

    I wonder if Topps is going to send him a “Beckett” box…

  6. I must say that’s pretty generous from Topps. I still think their and UD’s products are overpriced, but I’ve had no problems with customer service and from time to time I get nice surprises in the mail with my redemptions so thumbs up there.

  7. I’ve got to back up Topps’ customer service here. This is far from the norm from them as long as it is a card from the current year that you are looking to have replaced.

    When I pulled a Dwayne Wade autographed mini out of a 2008-2009 rip card, the card was in terrible shape. I sent it to Topps and in return was sent a different, less rare, Wade autographed card and a box of 2007-08 Bowman Sterling. I didn’t pull anything great out of the box, but it was a fun break of something that normally I would never be able to afford. Although, after reading this I guess that I should have asked to have been able to keep the original Wade card as well.

  8. Forgot to mention, Topps’ customer service is light years ahead of what you’ll get from Upper Deck. I’ve dealt with both multiple times and Topps always comes through as best they can while it is a crap shoot just to get Upper Deck to respond to an e-mail.

  9. Upper Deck,

    Are you taking any notice to your competitor? Compare this response to the still unanswered email where all I had asked was whether you had in fact produced a Yunel Escobar Captured on Canvas card in 2008 (when it appeared that you had to replace Escobar with Manny Ramirez, an unchecklisted player, to keep the checklist count at 89). Nice lack of hustle on your part and, while I am at it, congratulations on losing your MLB license. Well earned.

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