Why Not Me?!?

Some guys really do have all the luck …

Check out the insane pull one lucky member of the Blowout Cards forum found while busting a case of 2009 Topps American Heritage Heroes.

You guys can drool over prospects or some guy named Tiger who plays in the most boring sport ever but to me, this is the card I look for every time I bust wax.

The card, a 1/1 cut signature, was pulled by a collector in Illinois (and his father). The duo have been bustin’ wax for close to thirty years but something tells me this might be their best pull ever.

Major props go to Topps for finding a good-looking signature of “The Babe” to include in the set. The same cannot be said for some of the more recent Mickey Mantle cut signatures from the past couple of years.

The lucky collector has placed the card on eBay with a $10,000 dollar Buy It Now but you can also submit your best offer. You can follow the eBay auction by clicking HERE.

So pretty ...



  1. Is that signature on a embossed cocktail napkin? Pretty solid signature. Honestly, I’d sell it, too. I’ve got experience in cut signatures of deceased legends. In 2001 I pulled one of the FIVE Walter Johnson cuts from 2001 UD HOFers. I sold it and I still miss it, but I still think that the kind of money I got for it trumps the collectibility. In this case, the guy will get thousands and could buy another real non-cared Ruth auto for a small fraction of that. Just makes sense.

  2. Yeah, I saw it on the forum too, after seeing your commented I knew I’d be reading a post about it in the following minutes

    That was an amazing pull, but I hate how some people say once they hit the jackpot, they’ll stop collecting. Seriously, that’s ridiculous. Hopefully this dynamic duo won’t stop after they pocket 10 grand! I didn’t know American Heritage Heroes did all that much anyway! Congrats to the people who pulled that one, sadly they gotta get rid of it 😦

  3. A) Holy Shit, tell me that’s not pencil.

    B) I always wonder how Topps and UD obtain these cut signatures and how many middlemen there are in the process. Furthermore, what exactly are the qualifications of legitimacy? I’d hope and assume, that they’d go far beyond the normal verification process.

    I really hope that they don’t just throw in any PSA or JSA authenticated signature. For some reason, I just want more. When you look at the prices of the cards vs. the cost of the actual authenticated signature, there’s definitely a big difference.

    Considering that they’re cutting the crap out of the signature anyways, I’d certainly hope there’s museum quality forgery detection.


  4. Oh, the notion of stopping after a major pull is complete BS. What happens is you sell the card and start feeling like you’r eplaying with “house” money and spending on the hobby becomes even more intense. Plus, you’ve lived the impossible dream of a major pull, so you’re always out there trying to do it again.

  5. Did Topps not get the memo about how to produce a cut signature? I was under the impression card companies weren’t allowed to actually put a photo of the player on the card. Apparently it can be done and it does make the card look nicer. Who’d thunk it?

  6. As a predominantly Vintage collector, this kind of stuff, although neat to look at on the onset, makes me kind of sick; I would have much preferred to have the entire object, whatever that may have been, than to have Topps “cut” it out.

  7. Of course sell it, this is not a collectors piece, it’s stock. When the stock is in demand you sell, kinda like baseball card wall street. Heaven forbid some one keep a card like this, I mean it’s everyday you pull something this right, alright let me stop the sarcaism. If I pulled this I think I would have to keep it, yeah it might be worth thousands, but being able to have a Ruth cut, that’s something that is a staple of any collectorr.

  8. This may be crazy, but I think I would keep this card.
    As much as I need to pay off credit card bills, pulling a Ruth auto would be the ultimate and I would like to have it in my collection.

  9. I would sell it for an incredible price, and use that money to buy a nice signed 3×5 of Ruth and take a vacation.

    I love how people will pay 200% -500% more for a “cut” signature since it’s on a card.

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