Some guys really do have all the luck …

Check out the insane pull one lucky member of the Blowout Cards forum found while busting a case of 2009 Topps American Heritage Heroes.

You guys can drool over prospects or some guy named Tiger who plays in the most boring sport ever but to me, this is the card I look for every time I bust wax.

The card, a 1/1 cut signature, was pulled by a collector in Illinois (and his father). The duo have been bustin’ wax for close to thirty years but something tells me this might be their best pull ever.

Major props go to Topps for finding a good-looking signature of “The Babe” to include in the set. The same cannot be said for some of the more recent Mickey Mantle cut signatures from the past couple of years.

The lucky collector has placed the card on eBay with a $10,000 dollar Buy It Now but you can also submit your best offer. You can follow the eBay auction by clicking HERE.

So pretty ...