The Wax Report – 2009 Sweet Spot

By Mr. Scott

Last time around Mr. Scott busted 2009 SP Authentic and pulled a sweet Derek Jeter autograph. Being a die-hard Yankees fan, it was his best day of 2009.

Well, this time around Mr. Scott purchased two boxes of Upper Deck’s recently released 2009 Sweet Spot and guess what he found in one of his boxes? If you said a Derek Jeter autograph you are correct!

2009 Sweet Spot

Boxes: 2

Packs: 6 packs

Cards: 8 per pack

Price: $94


Box 1

Sweet Spot Signatures:  Sean Marshall #01/49

Sweet Beginnings: Colby Rasmus #137/350

Sweet Swatch Dual Memorabilia: Wang / Matsuzaka


Box 2

Sweet Spot Signatures: Derek Jeter #086/150

Sweet Beginnings: Elvis Andrus #272/350

Sweet Swatch Dual Memorabilia: Pujols / Hamilton


Overall: 54 of 100 (54%) – Dupes/Triplets: 24


Review: The base cards have great actions shot plus great embossed stitching at the bottom. Only downfall with the base products is correlation. Too many duplicated and triplets for just two boxes.

Another disappointment is the Retrospective cards which I could do without. The pulls were 50/50 with these boxes. I mean, pulling a Jeter is an A+ but finding a Marshall autograph is a D-.

I guess they place autographs in this product for every type of collector. The Sweet Beginning cards are beautiful plus the autographs are on card & numbered. I believe I pulled two of the better players from this set.

Whenever you pull a Jeter autograph you can’t be disappointed. I may buy more of these boxes if they fall to the $65 range. I don’t really see that happening as 2008 Sweet Spot is still in the $85 range.

I have now opened four different Sweet Spot products and the 2007 release still reigns supreme. I would say the 2009 version is a far second but a lot better than expected after 2008.



  1. while I definitely agree that you should be disappointed in your sean marshall auto, at least it is red ink and has a fairly low serial number. As a cubs fan, I would be thrilled to pull any cub, but I understand your disappointment, if you care to pass it on, let me know and maybe we can work something out

  2. Mr. Scott is receiving loaded boxes from Upper Deck … OK, I’m kidding.

    That is crazy luck with the Jeter signature. That Marshall sucks ass; is it on that fake leather? If so that thing is gonna fade like a mofo, if it hasn’t already.

  3. That Billy Butler card is freakin’ awesome. Not only is it the great powder blue swatch, but the swatch matches the what he’s wearing in the picture. Phenomenal! That is some excellent, on-the-ball design work there, and we need more of it. It makes all the non-matching game-used cards it’s pictured with look like sh*t in comparison.

  4. They used better leather this year, but the red ink has never held up or scanned very well.

    Grats on the Jeter! That is actually one of the lower numbered parallels. The base Jeter autos are /299, so you will see a LOT of Jeter Sweet Spots pretty soon.

  5. Wow, a monster box and a decent box, nice work.
    I really like the look of the sweet beginings cards, the design is nice and I love the on-card autos. The Elvis Andrus looks really great, he has a nice auto. He should give a few of NFL guys some tips (I am looking at you “CJ”).

    I can’t wait to see how you give these cards away, that Jeter is sweet.

  6. These cards don’t get given away. Mr. Scott does The Wax Report and buys all his own boxes.

    If I get a box of Sweet Spot from U.D. then yes, it will be given away.

  7. I just took a look at the jersey cards. The throw back powder blue Billy Butler is awesome. I am also glad to see some more Adam Jones cards out there. That dude is gonna be a monster.

  8. Mario, thanks for the info, I noticed that right after posting. In that case way to go Mr. Scott, that second box may be the best sweet spot box I have seen in a long time.

    That Jeter card will be even sweeter after he and his boys finish of the Phillies.

  9. Last year I only got a few loose packs of Sweet Spot to review minus the Sweet Spot auto.

    I’m hoping this year I get a full tin but with my luck I’ll pull Juan Encarnacion #’d to 300.

  10. Very nice! Can’t wait to get my hands on some, hopefully this weekend! I’m dying for one of those sweet spot autos!!!!

    And yes, i realize I can buy a crappy one online, for cheap, but that’s no fun! I want to spend $20 and get a crappy auto on my own!

  11. “And yes, i realize I can buy a crappy one online, for cheap, but that’s no fun! I want to spend $20 and get a crappy auto on my own!”

    Don’t you mean $100 ??

    A single $20 tin does not guarantee you an auto.

  12. Charlie – I meant that maybe i’d get lucky and pull a crappy sweet spot auto in a single pack. I don’t like the product THAT much. The occasional $20 pack scratches the itch plenty.

  13. The 2007 product reigns supreme on turd island, and I say that in a joking way.

    To many faded autographs.

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