The Hottest Card In The Hobby

The Hobby has a funny way of surprising you every once in a while. In an era when teenagers still in High School have certified autographs selling for thousands of dollars, right now one of the hottest players in baseball is a 30-year old adult.

His name is Jayson Werth and he’s quickly becoming a household name thanks to his performance in the post-season. So while his underdog Phillies are one game away from being eliminated by the $200+ million dollar team, collectors are going ga-ga over his certified autographs.

Need proof? Two “white whale” printing plates have recently sold for well over $300 dollars, with one reaching $410. That’s not even close to what one brave soul paid for a 1/1 wood version of the card. That card just sold for a shocking $700+ on eBay.

So while Beckett Magazine and Sports Illustrated are putting a 16-year old on their cover and some collectors are stalking High School kids for autographs, for a short moment in time, an old man named Jayson Werth is ruling The Hobby.

Two years ago you couldn’t give away his cards …

Jason who ...?



  1. That’s one thing I love about the post season. Guys that have been grinding it out for years can suddenly get the spot light.

    I would much rather have a cool auto jersey/relic crad of a solid established player than of some years from the majors prospect. Everyone buying up the hype of Bryce Harper need to read about Brien Taylor.

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