2009 Bowman Chrome FB Review

There’s something you should know about 2009 Bowman Chrome Football; it’s dark. It’s not just a little dark, either. It’s a Tim Burton movie with a Marilyn Manson soundtrack, starring Crispin Glover.

The photography used in the product is some of the best I have seen but what brings this product down is the lack of a photograph on the card back. It’s just plain text and when you add the dark theme, the cards can appear somewhat dull.

Normally, a Chrome product would be saved by Refractors but unless you pull one of the bright colors like the Blue Pat White I pulled, they are really hard to pick up. I have 20/20 vision and went through 8 packs before realizing I missed three Refractors.

Bowman Chrome Football is fun but doesn’t match Topps Chrome. As a non-football fan and collector, Topps Chrome Football is one of the very few products I’d buy.


Current eBay price – About $55 dollars

Guarantees – 72 cards including one autograph

Look for – Auto/Patches, Superfractors, printing plates

The Good:

Great photography

The Bad:

Refractors lack pizzazz

Card backs very dull


Autograph – Pat White

Final Grade: B-



  1. I wish you could have pulled one of the patch/autos to show how terribly shoehorned-in the patch piece looks. They’re completely unnecessary and fugly.

  2. I disagree with tool box – the texture look comes across really weird on the computer. I’m not a fan, but hey, maybe it looks better in person!

  3. I was worried about this years design after seeing Bowman Draft but I am pleasantly surprised by the look of this year’s cards. The colors really work well on the parallels. The autos look pretty slick, it doesn’t look like the will cover up too much of the player photos which some other releases have been guilty of. Another good release at a reasonable price, may have to build the set on this one.

  4. Good looking cards, nice framing. I think the cards that look the best are all dependent upon the team color scheme matching the card’s color scheme. I’d imagine most base cards look pretty good, because everything matched black. The Pat White blue refractor looks great because the Dolphins colors match. The Kenny Britt, however, is just a mess with the navy, light blue, gray, and green all together. Looks fun as a product, but I’m not buying football cards anymore.

  5. dark, dull, chevron texture, and sticker autos…..even the great photography/action shots can’t persuade me to buy a box of this product. i’d give it more of a ‘C’.

  6. While I like the overall design of the cards I am not a fan of the “etching” on the refractors. I think it takes away form the photography which I think is actually pretty good for a Topps made product.

  7. I like the blue refractors and x fractors…..but the others are too dark. I may buy some packs for giggles, by that is all.

  8. I am not a fan of the look. It gives the cards a moire effect. It makes it difficult to really look at them.

  9. To me, the cards don’t look too dark, or maybe you diddn’t upload the pics of the dark ones. At least the ones you showed arent that dark IMO. Maybe it’s just an in person kinda thing. Anyway, looks like a pretty nice product.

  10. Design is fairly uninspired but not unlike what we are accustomed to from Bowman Chrome. The colored parallel thing is getting old and the sticker autos look horrendous. There are a few good ways to do sticker autos and that is not one of them.

  11. I really like the design. I feel in love with last years and this years does not dissapoint, except for the sticker Auto’s. The Chrome really pops out at you and the color is good. It is just something about the desing that I really like and keep going back to buy.

  12. I think you get the best bang for your buck with the 2009 Bowman Chrome! I seen this stuff at the flea market for right around $65.00.
    Would love to get my hands on the Josh Freeman Rookie! Overall it’s a cool product.

  13. Mario I’m still in mourning over my philadelphia phillies! But I was able to get off my fat ass,kick open my trailer door,wipe my tears away from my face and head to the flea market to get my mind off my phillies! So you better pick me this time!

  14. I still feel that more thought should’ve gone into the design of this years chrome. What sets it apart from this year’s BOWMAN DRAFT? I just feel it was recycled so they can print everything at once. Yes the action photo’s are some of the better ones to date but like you said about the back of the cards: Needs improvement. I have actually passed on this product this year.

  15. Not a huge fan of Bowman in general… this years design is a little dark and dreary with the dark green and black combo… I would have liked to have a silver border… that is what makes topps chrome stand out. This is just a disaster for the base cards, and the xfractor is horrible… having that design over the top of the diagonal lines of the chrome finish looks bad. Best card that you have scanned though is the Pat White blue refractor. That blue color is slick and helps the green border stand out… which was my original problem with the base cards to begin with

  16. I am a huge fan of all things chrome, but until I have some of this in my grubby paw the jury is still out. The design looks like it is a hodgepodge of Bowman Sterling Baseball and football from the past few years. The cards do look dark, but I like UD Black so darkness is not a huge turn off when done well. I agree that the pictures do pop out of the chevron border. The relics only have value due 2 scarcity not desirability. I will inevitably get some.

  17. Bowman Chrome Blue Refractors are still my favorite parallel in the entire industry and despite the darker photography this year, I still lok forward to busting a box soon. The 2009 draft class is really special so prospect boxes have been great all year. Definitely a fun product

  18. I don’t have as negative a reaction to this year’s design as some others.
    I kind of like the textured/chevron background. The cards are dark, but it seems to work with this design more than in years past. I like that the photo is cropped into the shield shape, it give sit some flair, it reminds me of Bowman Sterling.

    I think this year’s design has a little more class than the last few years.

    That being said I probably won’t buy much if any. I think Topps should keep Bowman as a baseball only brand with a focus on prospects. In football doesn’t have any type of niche, Topps Chrome fills the lower to middle rung spot perfectly.

  19. Simple and clean crisp design on the basecards, however those stickers make the card stand out like a carved pumpkin on an Easter egg hunt thats been sitting out since a month before Halloween.

    And I dont mean that to be a pleasant surprise.

  20. Anything chrome is normally at least something decent. Cards look pretty sharp…the box topper is a nice extra.

  21. I like Bowman Chrome. It has a nice, basic design, reminding me of the Topps baseball set. I agree, great photography, another thing the Topps baseball set included. The Topps set suceeded, so I have no qualms that this Bowman Chrome set won’t. Also, I’m liking the Pat White blue refractor and auto. Nice pulls (that I hopefully get!)

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