Prospect Battle: Tristar vs. Panini

Just last month, the prospect collectors in The Hobby were crying about a lack of products being produced in 2009. This year we were treated to Tristar Projection & Obak, Bowman releases, and not much else.

Missing from the scene this year was the extremely popular Donruss Elite Extra Edition and Razor’s several baseball releases, which took collectors by storm in 2008 and then vanished into thin air a few months later, at least with the prospect market.

Surprising many, Panini America announced today that it would bring back Elite Extra Edition for the 2009 calendar (in January) and just last week Tristar announced Prospects Plus to be released at the end of November.

Below are two cards in the sell sheets of Elite Extra Edition and Tristar Prospects Plus and as you can see there are quite a few similarities. For starters, it appears that both companies used the same photograph, not to mention stickers.

Given these two early previews, which would you rather have?

(thumbnail leads to a full-size image)

Somebody Said Prospects?



  1. The tristar brand can’t stack up to the donruss legacy. I will take the Elite any day of the week.

    I do think that is the best looking tri star card to date, but I still prefer the elite.

  2. I bet most people looking at those cards didn’t even realize the lack of a UNC Logo, which means Tri-Star did one hell of a job.

    I guess Donruss is in a rush before April first when the UD NCAA agreement kicks in.

    Nards at UD for that one.

  3. Elite is nicer, but Tristar is cheaper.

    And if/when Dustin makes the show, some one needs to anoint him with the nickname “Eggs”.

  4. I dont care for minor league and prospect cards, but the elite auto is much nicer than the tri star – which looks kind of cheap, like classic brands

  5. Tristar has had some nice designs in recent years. Projections has been great the last two years.

    Tristar has a much cleaner look, but I am sur ethe Elite will sell for a lot more.

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