One Word: Insanity

3 11 2009

I think it’s fair to say that after three years with the Red Sox, Daisuke Matsuzaka hasn’t quite earned what his team paid to bring him to America. In three seasons, Dice-K has won 37 games and has had a very public spat with front office.

That being said, collectors still love the 28-year old Japanese pitcher and cards of his still sell for extremely respectable prices on the secondary market. While collectors have many great cards to pick from, the card you see below might be the coolest of all.

The quad autograph comes from 2007 Upper Deck Ultimate’s “Ultimate Choice” program. If you were one of ten lucky collectors to pull the redemption, you had your choice of picking any four players’ signatures to go on a custom card.

Personally, I would have gone with two Derek Jeter and two Tiger Woods autographs but as you can see, the collector chose four Dice-K autographs. What makes the card even cooler (and somewhat surreal) is that each photo of the Red Sox starter is different.

No word on how many of the ten Ultimate Choice redemptions were actually redeemed but according to Upper Deck, it will not be making a return in any upcoming products anytime soon.

Who will produce my Jose Canseco quad autograph now …?

Insane Dick-K Quad Auto




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3 11 2009

Huh? What’s the point of that. Why would you want the same auto on a card more than once? Unless you were going to peel the other 3 off and slap them on non-autographed Dice-K and sell them to unsuspecting people on ebay. If I was UD, I wouldn’t have allowed that, plus I think it looks stupid

3 11 2009

Matsuzaka was probably biggest income generator of any player on the Red Sox by quite a few miles with Japanese TV deals, sponsors and more. His performance on the field has nothing to do with his pay, to say he hasn’t been worth his money is just insanity.

3 11 2009

Also Tiger Woods was not on the list of autographs you could get for the quad, it was all baseball players.

3 11 2009

That is hysterical.

I would have gone with the ’80s hobby superstars:
Jose Cansaco
Don Mattingly
Daryl Strawberry
Eric Davis

3 11 2009
Mario A.


Fine, he makes tons of cash for the Red Sox.

He’s still a slightly above average pitcher. Who knows what his record would look like on a less offensive oriented team like Boston.

3 11 2009

Probably will be sold back to Upper Deck, who will chop it into four pieces and drop it into Legendary Cuts.

3 11 2009

If it is some ridiculously dedicated Dice-K collector, so be it.

Personally I think a Jeter, Griffey, Ripken, Ichiro would be more appealing.

3 11 2009
Justin Halbersma

That should bring up the question if it did make a return and the list could be any current players od any sport who would you choose?

For Value I would choose:

Tiger, LeBron, Jordan, and Griffey

For Fandom I would choose

(would demand they all be in their Minnesota Uniforms)

Randy Moss, Adrian Peterson, Kevin Garnett, and Joe Mauer

If it had to be all baseball I would choose the following

Paul Molitor, Dave Winfield, Joe Mauer, and Terry Steinbach (all Minnesota raised stars in their time)

3 11 2009
Mario A.

I would choose four of Jose Canseco.

He’s played in seven teams but I’d like photos of him with the A’s, Red Sox, Blue Jays, and Expos.

That would be a dream card right there!

3 11 2009
Justin Halbersma

if I were to get 4 of the same player I would want them to be separate 1/1 cards instead of all on 1 card. I agree with VOTC that 4 of the same on the same card just seems pointless.

3 11 2009

Pujols Griffey Jeter and…. myself? why not! It would save them of having to give up another A grade guy.

3 11 2009

For Baseball I would get Tony Gwynn, Willie McCovey, Rickey Henderson and Tim Flannery
For Basketball I would get Gail Goodrich, Jerry West, Elgin Baylor and Magic
For Football I would want Neil Lomax, Kenny Stabler, Dan Fouts and Archie Manning
For Hockey I would request Wayne Gretzky, Rocket Richard, Bobby Hull and Bobby Orr
For Multi sport my card would be Lee Trevino, Muhammad Ali, Frank Shorter and John McEnroe
Getting carried away, for Non Sports, Christopher Lee, Mark Harmon, Elizabeth Taylor and Pat Conroy

3 11 2009

This card will go for a ton, what a concept. Dice K collectors, and there are a lot of them, will pay through the nose for this, no doubt. I love the idea of it, just a complete oddball.

However, Im sure there were better ways to use this opportunity.

3 11 2009

Wow…that’s some Dice K dedication. Valuewise, it is sort of pointless. But it’s also very very very one of a kind. And super awesome.

If I could personally have any four signatures in baseball, I think I’d go Rusty Kuntz, Dick Pole, Sixto Lezcano, and Porfirio Altamirano. Or all Fred McGriffs.

3 11 2009

What a stupid fucking card. Does four signatures of this guy really make the card that much more desireable? I think Fleer did this a few years ago with one of its prospects sets, and it was a dog. This person could have chosen ANYONE and he chose four of the same guy.

For the record, It’d be really dumb it the guy got four Tiger Woods autos on one card too.

Now what could have been amusing is if someone picked all four Griffeys and REQUESTED the four types of stickers: straight foil; foil with frosted coating; clear sticker and clear sticker with frosted “authentic” in th ebackground.

3 11 2009

I like the custom cards in the comments so far:) Here’s mine:

Baseball: Hank Aaron, Phil Niekro, Greg Maddux, Chipper Jones
Active Players Baseball: Chipper Jones, Tom Glavine, Brian McCann, John Smoltz
When Tom and John retire this offseason and screw up my card: Chipper, McCann, Tommy Hanson, Jason Heyward
Basketball: Lou Hudson, Bob Pettit, Dominique Wilkins, Doc Rivers
Football: Tommy Nobis, Jessie Tuggle, Deion Sanders, Matt Ryan
Hockey: Chris Chelios, Steve Yzerman, Paul Coffey, Eddie Belfour
Super Dream 4-sport card: Aaron, ‘Nique, Deion, Herschel Walker
Non Sports crazyness: John Cleese, Terry Jones, Michael Palin, Eric Idle. Then stalk Terry Gilliam and get him to sign in the tiny space left over on the card.

3 11 2009
The sewingmachineguy

A Tigers Quad for me…Trammell, Whitaker, Gibby, and Parrish

3 11 2009

I actually remember when this guy got this chance and he created a thread over on the BO boards. He got a ton of really good suggestions from people but went with the quad Dice-K. Even though Dice-K was the HOT player at that point in 2008, the guy caught a TON of flack on the board over his decision.

3 11 2009

Also, I forgot to mention that in the guy’s defense, I do believe he had a limited set of players to choose from. Still doesn’t make the choice of 4 of the same player make sense.

3 11 2009

Jeez, that makes no sense to me.
I think 4 very good, different players would make it more valuable… but maybe not.
I would go – Ripken, Griffey, Pujols, Jeter

3 11 2009
Justin Halbersma

Non-Sport for me would be a Marvel quad…

Card would have the actors in Character:

Tobey Maguire-Spiderman
Robert Downey Jr.-Ironman
Edward Nortan-Incredible Hulk
Hugh Jackman-Wolverine

and as much as I hate foldout cards I would love to see it as a fold-out booklet of Shadowbox Cards feauturing on Card autos of both the Actor’s name and autograph as character

3 11 2009


You missed my point, performance has nothing to do with his contract, it was the smartest deal the Red Sox have ever made before he stepped on the field.

3 11 2009

Mario, you could do an all AL East Canseco card with Yanks, Red Sox, Blue Jays, and Rays

3 11 2009

My Baseball list….. George Brett, Ken Griffey Jr, Cal Ripken Jr, Jeff Bagwell
Basketball….. Jordan, Garnett, Magic, Bird
Non-Sport…. Jake Lloyd, Hayden Christensen, David Prowse, james Earl Jones
Football……A Peterson, Tarkenton, P Manning, Elway

3 11 2009

For a big-time Daisuke collector, that would be an awesome card. Kudos to UD for going the extra mile and using four different photos.

Now if I could have one featuring any four living baseball players, I’d pick Tom Seaver, Nolan Ryan, Willie Mays and Mike Piazza – all pictured as Mets.

3 11 2009


3 11 2009

Geez, that’s awful stupid of him. Turning down Ripken & Jeter autographs for Dice-K is going to haunt that guy in the future. If I did one out of living players, I’d do Yogi Berra, Reggie Jackson, Don Mattingly, Derek Jeter.

3 11 2009

Forget the player list, I think if I had the redemption I would have requested on card auto of 4 players. Custom card but yet sticker auto. As for the 4 players,

Steinbach all 1989- ws allstars

3 11 2009

WOW, thats awesome! A true fan!

4 11 2009

UD made a mistake. They are contacting the collector to get the card back and fix it!

(grin for the humor impaired)

4 11 2009
Tim H

I would make a steroids card:

Mark McGwire
Jose Canseco
Rafael Palmero
Jason Giambi

4 11 2009
Greg A.

Give him bonus points for his dedication to Dice, but the card is just too redundant. Mix it up with different stickers, or better yet, different inscriptions.

As for my choices:
Baseball: Tiant, Torre, Palmer, Blair or more recent guys Mussina, Bo, Livan and Julio Franco.
Football: Priest Holmes, LT, S Alexander, John Riggins (skip Emmitt) (Season TD record Top 5).
Hockey: Fedorov, Ovechkin, Semin, Green (or Backstrom)

4 11 2009

I’ve got to back up Rob. Everyone always wants to consider the posting fee paid for Matsuzaka as part of his salary which is hugely inaccurate. That money has already come back to them in overseas interest and potential future Japanese signings. Also, they probably wouldn’t have ever signed a key part of their bullpen, Okajima, if they didn’t want him there to help Dice-K feel more at home.

Wait and see what Dice-K does next season. You’ve got to throw last season out since it was wasted due to the World Baseball Classic killing his arm. He’s now on board with the Red Sox program. What team out there has a better #4 starter than Dice-K? On most teams he would be their #2 starter. With what the Yankees are paying for #1 and #2 starters, Dice-K is a bargain.

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