2009-’10 Fleer Ultra Review

Being the furthest thing from a fan of hockey, it’s strange to me that some of my favorite cards come from hockey releases. Last year I had a blast bustin’ 2008-’09 Fleer Ultra so you can imagine my excitement when I found a box of Fleer Ultra 2009-’10 at my doorstep.

Take a look at last year’s Fleer Ultra release. Now, take a look at the scans from the new Ultra. Clearly, Upper Deck took one step backwards as everything from the base cards to the parallels are downgrades from the previous year.

Thankfully, Upper Deck brought back the Fleer/Skybox “E-X” inserts and this year they look better than they have ever looked. If this is Upper Deck’s secret weapon in baseball for 2010, Topps better tread lightly.


Current eBay price – $60-$65 per box

Guarantees – 192 cards with 2 relics per box

Look for – Hard to find autographs, rare Jambalaya inserts

The Good:

E-X inserts look simply amazing

Relics are designed well despite featuring tiny relics

The Bad:

Fun brand brought down by bland designs


Relic – Adam Hall

Relic – Jonathan Cheechoo

Final Grade: B



  1. I love the non auto/relic chase cards. Like in your previous post I wish it would spread to baseball. I agree the design is stale, I have never been a fan of the vertical name designs.

    If you plan to give away any of these cards let me know, I would love a chance at that Brodeur EX insert or the rookie redemption.

  2. Agreed, Ultra changed its design for the first time in maybe 5 years but the cards just look cheaper, like Pro Set or other early 90’s stuff. The GU are pretty bad too: Cheechoo (who led the league in goals a few years back) is a total one-year wonder, and Hall is a borderline minor leaguer. Ultra tends to have worse game used than other products, so it’s to be expected.

    Keep an eye out for the redemption, there are some excellent rookies this year, John Tavares, in particular, is arguably the most hyped prospect since Crosby.

  3. Loves me some EX cards. It don’t get much nicer, even a decade later. The only pack I ever of them I ever bought back in the day had a second year Kobe and a Tim Duncan RC. I guess one doesn’t need to buy another pack after that awesomeness, which is good, because they were $8 for a two card pack.

  4. I agree about the EX Inserts, the only thing cooler are the Z-Team inserts from 1995 (the first year).

    I would love to see Panini do a monster retro Z team set. Make it 100 cards, past and present superstars, maybe do it as a boxtopper.

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