Worst Card Ever: Mystery Solved!

Last month I wrote about the worst baseball card I have ever seen. It came from a no-name release and featured a very young Ken Griffey Jr. holding a jumbo version of his famous 1989 Upper Deck card.

You can see the ugly card here.

It took quite a while but finally the mystery has been solved. Check out a scan of the real card below. It was provided by fellow blogger, Ben of Cardboard Icons. As you can see, the original looks much better than the knock-off.

Now, check out the second worst-looking card ever.

The Kid



  1. Of course he likes it, it is the Ken Griffey Jr. CARD GUARD.

    I actually just found this card in group of Mariners cards I’ve been sorting through. Anyone have a clue what year it was produced? Like to keep my team sets by years and there isn’t even a copyright on this card.

  2. I have the empty box that those holders were displayed in.

    I was a Griffey supercollector from ’89-’94, owning just about every card of his made including the Star sets and all their incarnations (platinum, gold, etc), Broder issues, region issues (there was a guy based in Tacoma who I bought a ton of stuff from, got his name from the back of an SCD), all his minor league cards, and 9 each of his base cards from 89-94. I also had pins, magnets, photos, clippings, schedules, etc. It’s all mostly gone now. Once cards went nutso and the Kid went to Cincinnati, I stopped. All I have now are 4 candy bars, 2 of each color wrapper with a variation of each color.

    All I want is a hard signed Griffey auto from his Mariners day and I’ll be happy.

    Unrelated note, I am also a Marty Barrett supercollecter. Probably the only one.

  3. I remember getting one of those Griffey’s. It was in a pack of Ultra-Pro 9 Pocket pages purchased circa 1993-1995. It might have been a knock off of Ultra Pro. Either way, the card is hilarious.

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