Upper Deck Conspiracy pt. 3

For the record, I don’t believe there’s a conspiracy. I just title these to make a statement and that is … Upper Deck doesn’t care about baseball collectors.

Alright, let me take off my Kanye hat for one moment and talk to you about the card below. It comes from 2009-’10 Fleer Ultra, a product that will be reviewed tonight.

In case you missed it, Upper Deck seeded E-X inserts into Ultra this year but what I did not know (cause I didn’t pull one) is that it also brought back the very popular 90’s insert, Jambalaya, and they look amazing.

These new Jambalaya inserts are tough pulls, too. Odds are listed at 1:288 packs which means you will have to open lots of boxes before you find one. As for the popularity, see for yourself what the big names are selling for.

As an old school collector, I have to personally thank Upper Deck for bringing back beautiful, well-designed inserts that don’t have to rely on an autograph or piece of memorabilia to be valuable for collectors.

If only they’d throw baseball a bone …

Jambalaya ...?



  1. UD did make the GrandSlamarama cards back in the 2007 Spectrum product. They’re pretty similar but maybe not as flashy as the NHL version.

  2. It appears to be a nice-looking card, but WTH does Jambalaya have to do with hockey? It’s like having a poutine insert for a basketball set.

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