The Winner Is …

When I thought up the idea for the Halloween contest I was hoping for a huge turnout. Unfortunately, the two weeks that I had planned to promote the one of a kind contest, my computer died.

There weren’t many entries but those that came in were really inspiring.  As it turns out, kids still love baseball cards as many chose packs of Upper Deck over candy and other junk food.

Out of the entries, “Big Tony” won the drawing through this morning. As you can see from the pictures he submitted, he not only put in the required three packs of Upper Deck but also created grab bags that were all gone in less than an hour.

Big Tony will receive the four Manny Ramirez 1/1 printing plates provided by Upper Deck and will be one of the very small number of collectors that can say they own a rainbow of plates.

Stay tuned for more contests coming soon!




  1. Don’t take it personal. Look at how popular Beckett’s blog is on Friday when they give tons of prizes away. Now look at it on any other day — dead.

    Many collectors seem to have a “what have you done for me lately” attitude when it comes to forums and blogs. I live in an area where there are not any kids trick or treating but I read your site daily at work.

    Keep up the great writing and if I find any good Jose Canseco cards at local shows they are headed your way.

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