Do You Want Masterpieces In 2010?

Where were you the day Steven Judd broke your heart?

I was sitting at work surfin’ eBay when it was reported on the industry blog, The Sports Card File, that Upper Deck had discontinued the Masterpieces brand.

This year Upper Deck gave us a strange-looking Goudey and a wonderful release of Goodwin Champions but it just wasn’t the same. We need, no, demand the return of Masterpieces in 2010.

While it is not known exactly what brands besides the flagship will return in 2010, we do know the exact number of releases at this time is six. How many of the current brands deserve a comeback in 2010?

Spectrum? No. A Piece of History? No. UDx? Yes. SP Authentic? Maybe. Goudey? Possibly. Upper Deck, think outside the box and give us the grand return of Fleer and Masterpieces.

Eric, a Wax Heaven reader and Andy Pettitte super collector sent me a list of events in baseball he’d like to see commemorated in 2010 Masterpieces, should it be brought back from the dead.

Eric’s 2010 Dream Masterpieces List:

Celebrating Bonds’ #756
McGwire’s #62
Canseco’s first 40/40 season
Jeter’s infamous “flip play” when he backhanded the ball to home plate
Griffey returning home to Seattle for one final season
Randy Johnson winning #300
Kirby Puckett’s catch/walk-off HR in Game 6 of the 1991 World Series
Rickey Henderson’s #939 SB
Any number of Nolan Ryan’s milestones
Bo Jackson two-sport showcasing him swinging the bat and running as a Raider
George Brett flying off the bench for the pine-tar incident
Kent Hrbek flipping Ron Gant off 1st base in the 91 Series
George W. Bush throwing out the 1st pitch in the World Series after 9/11
Roger Clemens chucking the busted bat at Mike Piazza
Josh Hamilton’s HR Derby showcase from 2008
Mark Buehlre’s perfect game
Nick Adenhart/Harry Kallas tribute cards
Ted Williams in his golf cart at the All Star game, surrounded by the current All Stars

Would you buy 2010 Masterpieces if all those cards were included?

Come back to us, Masterpieces ...



  1. They should make a Masterpieces card of Griffey holding up holding up his UD rookie like that Card Guard card you showed earlier. Ha.

    Seriously though, this set could be a disaster without logos, sorry. Cards without logos are like going to Payless Shoe Source and buying a pair of knock-off Shell Toe adidas that have FOUR stripes instead of THREE.

  2. I’m in, but not because of the list. I’m still not quite sure how to feel about Bonds, McGwire and Canseco (no offense Mario). There are moments where I embrace their accomplishments, and there are moments where I am nauseated by the thoughts of what they have done.

    The rest of the list looks great, especially the Bo dual sport.

  3. Matt,

    I HATE that UD can’t use MLB logos. It’s gonna be a serious uphill battle for them, I know. It’s like walking into the ring to fight Mike Tyson in his prime.

    That being said, they are not just gonna lay down and give up. Hopefully they can get creative and make some decent cards in 2010.

  4. Art cards are the perfect vehicle for non-licensed stuff. Do it the right way and they will look great without even needing logos.

  5. oh, and my take to the UD people who read here-

    discontinuing this brand is a loss to all baseball card fans. in a time where everyone is looking for the next “big pull” UD masterpieces always delivers with each basecard. each and every card always look like theres been serious thought and consideration, which is also rare these days.

  6. This could work out amazing or upper deck, if done right art cards don’t need logos, as log as you make them look like a mini piece of artwork

  7. I most certainly would buy ’10 Masterpieces. Now, I haven’t purchased any ’08 yet – I just recently put together the 2007 set, but it is easily the most fun I’ve had opening packs in a long, long time.

  8. Nice to see lots of good feedback – I apologize to anyone whose favorite players/teams I excluded. I’m curious to see what other moments/accomplishments people would want to see immortalized. Jon Lester’s cancer-less no-hitter is one I forgot, too.

  9. Love the artwork cards as they did a few in UD Basketball this year. My only “problem” with them is that they aren’t also made as jumbo box toppers as well as base cards.

  10. The Pirates 17th consecutive losing season
    Mark Reynolds breaks the single season strikeout record
    Josh Wilson pitches for two teams in a single season despite being a position player
    Montreal Expos tribute
    Biggio passes Keeler for most career HBP
    Johnny Estrada most career plate appearances without a triple
    Gene Walter and Rick Honeycutt each balk four times in a game
    Carl Crawford passes Aubrey Huff for most plate appearances by a Tampa (Devil) Ray
    Special insert card set with all the 2009 postseason umpire mistakes
    Marla Collins poses for Playboy
    U.L. Washington game used toothpick card

  11. I think that this set would be great… I love the cards from 07 and 08, and love the ideas that were brainstormed. W throwing out the first pitch of the 2001 World Series is pretty much one of my top 10 sports memories of all time

  12. Without Masterpieces UD won’t have anything worth buying in 2010. MAYBE Goudey. Base cards are all starting to look the same and they’ll be garbage without logos.

    As far as the list …
    Let’s not junk it up with non-baseball stuff, but I think it would be cool to showcase baseball off the diamond. For instance …
    -a salute to Roberto Clemente lost at sea while providing aid.
    -mlb’s involvement with boys and girls clubs today
    -some of Ruth’s well documented visits to children in the hospital
    -Congressional hearings (I know that’s not syrupy sweet hospital-visit type stuff, but it will forever be part of baseball’s history)

    Also … I think it would be cool to see a subset (not necessarily Masterpieces or even UD) about The Card … history, lore, theories, conspiracies … etc.

  13. I don’t know if it’s possible due to exclusive contracts, and it may have been done in an earlier edition (haven’t looked through the 07 or 08 set in a while) but I think Willie Mays over the shoulder catch in the 1954 World Series would be awesome. Plus you really wouldn’t need to use any team logos for that card.

  14. Chase Utley’s fifth World Series home run to tie Reggie Jackson

    Jim Thome in a Dodger uniform, trading away 70 at bats toward 600 home runs toward a shot at a World Series ring (now there is a Hall of Famer)

    Nolan Ryan on one knee awaiting Morganna’s kiss (alternatively George Brett when she ran onto the field to kiss him)

    Sidd Finch with one boot and his french horn (no Sidd Finch cards yet!)

    Eddie Feigner (the King and His Court), the best softball pitcher of all time

    New Yankee Stadium sitting next to Old Yankee Stadium

    An insert set tribute to the baseball movies (Field of Dreams, Bull Durham, the Natural, Pride of the Yankees)

    An insert set tribute to the collecting world (no, not the blogospherers) including the BBHOF Building in Cooperstown, the Ted Williams Museum, the Bob Feller Museum, perhaps Barry Halper, etc.

    Ray Chapman, hit by a pitch and killed in August 1920, yet the Indians still won the World Series that year

  15. They have the Fleer license, what about a Masterpieces version of the 1989 Billy Ripken (with bad knob fuzzed out, obviously). How about a Dale Murphy card, with an SP version of the reversed negative? How about a Masterpieces version of the 1989 UD Griffey?

  16. These are a few events I would add to the list:
    – Joe Carter’s game winning home run in the ’93 World Series
    – Yaz’s Triple Crown achievement in ’67
    – Dave Dravecky’s comeback from cancer
    – Jim Abbott’s no-hitter
    – Disco Demolition night
    – Dave Steib’s no-hitter

    Also, I would take GrandCards comment one step further. How about a Masterpieces set with Negro League players? It would be a tribute to some of the greats of the game who never got to play in MLB. Plus it could include players who only got to play MLB after they had passed their prime (i.e. Satchel Paige, Sam Jethro) or others who started their career in the Negro League (i.e. Jackie Robinson, Larry Doby)

  17. I like Materspiece as an insert set in a base product. As a set unto itself I think it gets a little stale.

    I think the look of the cards lend themselves to the special monmets/events more so than regular players cards.

    I would like to see a card of Kirby Pucket robbing Ron Gant of an extra base hitof the outfield wall in the 1991 world series.

  18. Canseco/McGwire bash card
    Will Clark ’89 NLCS grand slam
    Canseco ’89 sky dome homerun
    The congressional hearing would be awesome
    Bo Jackson running up the wall

  19. all the people that have been complaining about the set potentially including “steroid users” mark mcgwire and barry bonds need to calm down a bit… it follows from this argument that you would be skipping out on ALL baseball products as they include A-Rod, Pettite, Papi, Ramirez, et al in their sets… just be willing to admit that the last 16-20 years has been tainted by steroids and move on

  20. I would buy a set like this! I loved Masterpieces before, and having all these timeless moments preserved on such a beautiful card would be great! UD needs to make this happen.

    Imagine the rush of memories we’d have as baseball fans. It might even take us back to the days when collecting was solely about enjoying baseball and having fun.

    If done properly, I could see this being one of the best releases of the year.

  21. how about this… certified auto of the one and only steve bartman… if you could get a dual with bill buckner and both iconic images… bartman wouldn’t have a logo, nor would alou with his back facing the “camera” and you could have buckner bent over thus hiding his logos…


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