Classic Box Break: 1996 SPx

One of the goals I have set with Wax Heaven is to expose collectors to old school products. In the two years I’ve been writing I’ve been able to bust what in my opinion were some of the best products of the late-90’s.

Today I am lucky to bring collectors a video & review of what I believe is Upper Deck’s best brand of the 90’s and one of their greatest releases, 1996 SPx. It was a release that featured holograms, a gimmick they had been employing for years.

1996 Upper Deck SPx Baseball

36 packs per box, 1 card per pack

eBay $36 dollars delivered

Here we have Upper Deck’s second to last baseball brand to feature holograms. The cards look beautiful and despite today’s low cost, this was “high-end” in 1996.

There are no memorabilia cards in the product but there are two very hard to find on-hologram cards. One is of Mike Piazza and the other of Ken Griffey Jr, both with odds of 1:2000.


Total cards – 36

Parallels – 5 (all Gold)

Inserts – 1 (Bound For Glory, Cal Ripken Jr.)

Final Comments:

Alright, no autographs as expected but I was totally bummed out that I didn’t pull a Jose Canseco. Aside from that, pretty much all the big names were covered.

If you can find a box for under $40 dollars and can appreciate some classic wax featuring a perfect design and don’t need relics or autographs to be guaranteed, 1996 SPx is for you.

You can watch a video of the break HERE.

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  1. I was working at the local card shop when this stuff came out. We had a high-roller bust a case of this stuff, which at the time was a rediculous $3/pack. No autos, but he was happy with the stuff, so it’s a win-win, right?


    A few days later his kid came in and bought a few packs and pulled the Piazza auto. That same night, the guy came back & busted another case, of course without pulling an auto.

    So this guys out a TON of money, and his kind makes $300 off of $10 in wax.

  2. I remember pulling Cecil Fielder from the only pack I ever bought. For some reason it really disappointed me back in the day. Always had an appreciation for them in general though. Picked up an Andres Galarraga one over the summer. Pleasingly possibly radioactive shine. 🙂

  3. 96 SPx was a classic release. I remember the packs were so expensive when they came out, there was no way I could go for one. I still have a single or two from that set though. It is sad to see how base cards from 96 look better than most insert cards in 2009.

  4. Those are some really nice cards … though I think the novelty would have worn off after a few releases

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