Upper Deck Conspiracy Pt. 2

You can find part 1 here.

It’s bad enough that this year’s SPx baseball was kind of a disaster but football collectors got Shadow Box cards. Now hockey collectors are being treated to beautiful E-X inserts for the second year in a row with Fleer Ultra.

I pulled three of these inserts while bustin’ 2009/’10 Fleer Ultra this weekend and while my review won’t be up until Monday, you can check out a very high quality scan of the E-X insert by clicking the image below.

I have a question for baseball collectors. Can you name one great Upper Deck insert that didn’t include a game-used relic and/or certified autograph? I can’t name a single one but in Topps we have Propaganda, Turkey Red, etc.

Upper Deck clearly knows that today’s collector wants more than memorabilia and autographs. They have included great photography in their flagship since the beginning, now it’s time for great inserts in baseball again.

Here’s hoping Upper Deck brings back Fleer Baseball in 2010.

Fleer Ultra & EX inserts ...?



  1. The Team USA inserts are pretty cool, they don’t set the world on fire but they are pretty easy to move, and that’s usually my definition of whether they are popular or not.

    The stack of Turkey Reds still sitting in my trade box, on the other hand…. They look cool, but people aren’t that enamored with them from what I have observed.

  2. SP Authentic is filled with really nice inserts.

    Probably the best baseball inserts on the year, actually.

  3. If companies spent half as much time and energy designing the base product as they did on the inserts the hobby would be in much better shape. This is yet another example of an insert that is better designed than the set it comes from….

  4. I dont know about you but I absolutely LOVE THE 20th anniversary inserts!! They are so awesome (sarcasm)

    But in all seriousness, the Platinum Power inserts in SP authentic were not half bad, but when I received an amazing package full of rare Kerry Wood inserts from 1998-2001… I almost died on the spot. They were amazing. I got some of the ones you have mentioned before like gallery of heroes, but some of the others were just NICE cards not seen today

  5. I second the SP Holoviews both in full card and die cut. They had a sleek design, and a small well made hologram of the player on card as well. Definitely a keeper!!

  6. i vote for the inserts from the 1997 UD base set. Great rookies, nice photes, some fun games, and die cuts.

  7. Upeerdeck probably is just running low on autos and relics, lol… they probably did a secret fire sale or some crap..

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