Big Hits Surface on eBay

Upper Deck’s final MLB licensed Sweet Spot release has only been live for a couple of days and already two of the big cards from the product have hit eBay.

An Ichiro bat barrel nameplate much like the one I featured yesterday of Jose Canseco already has 17 bids and is nearing $800 dollars.

Perhaps the biggest pull so far and maybe of the entire product, a Ty Cobb cut signature has also made its way onto eBay and has hit $300 dollars with 9 days left.

As expected, Derek Jeter Sweet Spot autographs are still the best seller when it comes to the regular checklist. This one numbered to 30 nearly hit $300 and there are many more currently available.

Looks like Upper Deck will indeed go out on top …

The Rotten Peach



  1. That Jeter card looks amazing. I have 2 boxes coming Tuesday I hope I can pull one of the other 29.

  2. Its crazy when you see all those Jeter auto’s for sale on ebay. It makes you wonder why Upper Deck would take yet another super star ( J.R last year) and flood the market with what used to be a very difficult auto to obtain.

    I guess its good in the sense that your average collector will have a chance to obtain, or pull one, but in the long run it only hurts the overall value.


  3. Agree with Gellman on this one…cards need to have player pictures on the front….period. Besides, if a person really wanted a Ty Cobb auto, they can find much nicer ones than a cut sig inserted into an ugly baseball card.

    And Mojo…you inadvertently hit the nail right on the head. When you stop to think about it…the market is flooded with autos of just about every active and/or retired but living player, not just Jeter. Can you imagine how many autos someone like Jeter, or Howard, or Longoria will have signed by the time they die in 40-50 years?

    That’s why I just don’t get the whole auto/relic craze…none of this stuff is actually all that scarce.

  4. As far as the whole auto/ relic craze goes. It brought a lot of collectors including myself back into this hobby.

    Those of you that have purchased Sweet Spot pre 2006 understand what Im jabbing about. Pulling a Jeter, or J.R back then was a huge pull, and one that would send goose bumps up your arms.

  5. Why do people even use ebay? Dont they realize that there’s cheaper sites out there that don’t take percentages and charge high fees like sellbits or craigslist.

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