The Halloween Contest Details

Unfortunately, with my computer being out of commission for most of the past two weeks, I didn’t have a chance to properly promote the Halloween contest for the four Manny Ramirez printing plates.

In case you missed it, here are the details to take part in the contest. If I don’t get at least 10 entries, I will start a new, much easier to enter contest in the coming week.

I’m bummed but at least I am back full-time, in case you didn’t realize it. My Sony Vaio is repaired and working better than ever. There will be no more breaks in posting so stay tuned for many surprises.

-Mario A.

The Doomed Contest Continues ...



  1. did anyone else ever stop to wonder why UD didnt pack these out like every other printing plate?

    Doesnt it also make you wonder what else UD has held back?

    I smell conspiracy…

  2. Please disregard my conspracy theory…

    And Mario, hopefully you didnt think I was making any allegations towards you.

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