It’s Jose Canseco!!!

Here I was on a Saturday afternoon getting ready to post about 2009 Upper Deck Sweet Spot when I came upon the greatest discovery of the year. It appears that Upper Deck included Jose Canseco into their checklist of this year’s Sweet Spot.

The first card, an insane bat barrel nameplate numbered to five copies has hit eBay and with four days left in the auction, it just might hit $500 dollars or more as soon as the big money Canseco collectors find it. It gives me hope for 2010 as there has not been much of anything for me to collect this year.

As for 2009 Sweet Spot, so far so good. I like the look of the sweet spot and regular autographs but the relics sure could use some work. As for the pulls so far, there seems to be quite a few duds mixed in with the occasional big name. It will be interesting to see what other surprises Upper Deck has in store.

2009 Sweet Spot



  1. The plate must have splintered when they cut it, or the bought a bat shard. It is too bad they couldnt cut it to fit the window. Otherwise, cool looking card.

  2. Be cool if they used a bigger piece, instead of one missing the start of some letters lol. I’m surprised Jose is so looked down upon compared to how some of his football counterparts are still widely liked.

  3. I can’t believe how beautiful this card is! I hope the company exec’s are watching this auction to show the drawing power Canseco cards have in a product.

  4. Wow what a great card, Must be a true collector who snagged that. I wonder ifit was “THE KING”

  5. I have Jose Canseco’s 2009 Sweet Spot Bat Barrell 1 of 5. Is there anybody who would be interested in this card.

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