2009 Topps WWE Review

Before I fell in love with the game of baseball, I was a child of the 80’s who never missed an episode of WWF Saturday Night Main Event. To me, wrestlers were true superheroes and I could not get enough.

Unfortunately, as I grew old my appreciation for the male soap opera began to dwindle. Today I watch WWE Raw and can never fully get into today’s superstars no matter how hard I try.

Despite all this, I can still appreciate the hard work put in by today’s wrestlers like Randy Orton, John Cena, and the old men still around like The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels.

Bustin’ 2009 Topps WWE was a blast and for an old school guy like me there was not much better than pulling cards of Jake the Snake Roberts and other classic wrestlers from the past.

My only complaint is that there are just too many Divas on the checklist. While I don’t mind the occasional card of Maria, Kelly Kelly, and other Divas in the top-tier, there was just way too many no-namers.

Finally, if Topps brings back WWE in 2010 and uses the main flagship design I would highly recommend releasing the set earlier than October. Collectors have been bombarded with the design in baseball, football, and basketball so it might be a little stale by now.

The only competition Topps WWE has is Tristar’s TNA brand and even though Tristar stepped it up this year, nothing beats bustin’ WWE wax. It’s one of the few products I’ve considered collecting this year.


Current eBay price – $35-$40 dollars

Guarantees – One autograph or relic per Hobby box

Look for – Dual autographs, sketch cards

The Good:

Classic Topps design & high-gloss cards

Checklist features many old school wrestlers

The Bad:

Way too many Divas in the checklist


Relic – Triple H (w/ blood stain)

Dual Autograph – Carlito & Primo

Final Grade: B+

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  1. Hey Mario. Glad to see you are able to post again. I like the look of these cards, the Ring of Honor subsets look good, the Triple H relic is SICK, and I may just have to get a box.

    I am not sure what you plan to do with these cards, but if you are not doing some type of contest for them, I would love to have as many as you would be willing to part with. You may not remember, but a while back when you previewed this product you indicated I could get the contents of your review box. If that offer is still open, I would gladly accept. Anyway, just glad to check out the review. Thanks.

  2. Seriously, these look better than the baseball or the basketball. It just goes to show you that photography still makes or breaks a card.

    I pity the fool that had to cut around Carlito’s hair in photoshop. Being the cropper for Topps products must be painfully trivial.

  3. mario, too many Diva’s WTF are you not the average man, even though I am married the diva’s are the eye candy.

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