Win A Box of 2009 Topps WWE

I just finished bustin’ a fresh box of 2009 Topps WWE and was surprised by the generosity of Topps. Along with a sample box for review, they threw in another sealed box to give to one lucky reader of Wax Heaven.

My official review won’t be ready until later this weekend but for now check out the Triple H “event-worn” relic I pulled from my sample box. In case you’re wondering, that’s authentic blood all over that piece of relic.

To be eligible to win, leave a comment stating your all-time favorite wrestler and why. Contest will officially be closed on Sunday night. Winner will be picked through and I will cover all shipping fees. Good luck!

For those that can’t wait till Sunday, you can find 2009 Topps WWE at Target, Wal-Mart, Toys ‘R Us, and other retail outlets. You can find more on 2009 Topps WWE here.

Contest closed – Jamoke is the winner!

Blood In, Blood Out ...



  1. Hmmmm…. well I don’t watch much but I have liked guys like the Undertaker, Jeff Hardy, Triple H, and John Cena a lot. By the way, I saw Lou Albano at a card show a long time ago, didn’t know who he was so didn’t get the autograph. Too late now.

  2. It’s not so much as my favorite wrestler, it’s my favorite tag team, Legion of Doom. Not only have they held all major tag team titles, they defined the tag team division in the 80’s and 90’s. They were the greatest to grace the ring. Always imitated never duplicated. What a Rushhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. As a kid I liked Brutus the Barber Beefcake for his carisma (though I wouldn’t have known what carisma meant back then). Cuttin and a struttin.

  4. My all-time favorite wrestler is Arn Anderson. Not the flashiest guy in the world, but he didn’t mess around in there, and always made his opponents look great, too. Still has the sickest spinebuster I’ve ever seen, and even broke it out a few years back at a WrestleMania. Plus, the man could hold his own in promos with The Nature Boy, and that’s got to count for something.

  5. Mike, I’m with you “Double A” was a great tag wrestler and singles wrestler.
    He also gave great interviews.

  6. The Hot Rod Roddy Piper….why?….because he hit The Superfly in the head with a coconut and and! came here to chew bubble gum and kick ass. And he’s all out of bubble gum

  7. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, without a doubt. That guy knew how to work a crowd. Whether heel or face, you were guaranteed to be entertained watching him.

  8. My favorite wrestler in the 90’s was Mick Foley. He had some sick hardcore matches.

    But recently I have been watching wrestling again especially TNA and of them the Motor City Machine Guns stand out the most and quickly becoming my favorite. They are the most exciting tag team I ever watched.

  9. JYD Hands Down,

    One of the most gifted talents to ever step in the ring. WIth his trademark chain, and THUMP There will never be another wrestler like him. Im quite sure he was the only wrestler to ever body slam King Kong Bundy.


  10. My all time favorite wrestler is Mick Foley. While never masterful at the technical agility based moves, he always gave (or just gave the appearance of) his full effort. His death matches in Japan versus Terry Funk take classic ring psychology and dab in a healthy dose of lethal looking situations, from barbed wire to explosions.

    His legendary bumps in the Hell in the Cell vs the Undertaker helped the WWE cement their company as something special. The Rock, Austin and HHH certainly carried the torch more upfront for the most part, but Foley worked to elevate midcarder and high end talent alike. Not too many people *cough Hogan *cough* are willing to take one for the company.

  11. I grew up watching the Von Erich family wrestle in Dallas. Kerry wrestled in the WWF as the Texas Tornado. Thanks for the contest.

  12. Ken Shamrock was the best. I always waited for him to snap in the ring and kick the crap out of somebody. Even though he struggled to put a sentence together with the mic, he didn’t need more of a gimmick other than being a legitimate tough guy.

  13. there are so many great ones from harley race to ric flair but the guy who risked injury every match the most insane wrestler ive ever seen SABU would be my favorite isaw him break his back in philly still dont know how much of that was real but they carried him out in a stretcher and he left in an ambulance

  14. im going with Rickey the Dragon Steamboat!! we sat next to him in a Chinese restaurant when i was a kid!! Very cool day for me back then.

  15. My Favorite is the Hulkster. Just the memories of watching wrestling in the 1980’s with my dad (with Hulk being the main man), bring a smile to my face…

  16. Hacksaw Jim Dugan… HOOOOOOOOO, or the Bushwackers.

    Other good ones:
    JYD – The Junkyard Dog, or Hillbilly Jim, maybe Sunka.

    Remember the old rubber wrestling action figures?

  17. I gotta go with Bill Goldberg. His intensity was unmatched. Back in his WCW days he would pull off unbelieveable moves. I remember one match where in one swift motion he put Raven in a figure four leg lock while they were both standing. Too bad WWE had to ruin his character.

  18. Youkon Moose, noooo..Dick the Bruiser..Took and dished out more chairs than anyone. I’d really enjoy a chance to break this..Thank You

  19. Chris Jericho, hands down. He was always my favorite, even back in the old WCW days when he was doing his “Conspiracy Theory” gimmick, being managed by another legend in Ralphus, and squaring off against Dean Malenko and the other cruiserweights. Then he came into WWF/E, and blew up, deservedly so, too. First Undisputed Champion, and amazing on promos whether as a face or a heel. Just a great wrestler all around.

  20. I’m going with the first third generation star The Rock. His mic work was amazing and still is if you saw the Smackdown Anniversary show and you gotta love the original People’s Champ. Thanks for the contest Mario!

  21. Booker T is my all-time favorite, because he was the first guy I ever saw with an offense based around impact kicks. And the Harlem/Houston Hangover is about the coolest move I’ve ever seen.

    Also, that Triple H relic gives the term “sick patch” a whole new meaning. 😛

  22. Going with the Von Erichs as well…Sunday mornings, first Speed Racer then Wrestling at the Chase on KPLR – Kerry Von Erich with The Claw! We’d be squeezing each others faces the rest of the day…

  23. Hulk Hogan. He made wrestling mainstream. His three demandments were words to live by for a prebuscent boy growing up in the 80s. He played the hero and the cad with equal passion and moxie. I still love the painted on shadow beard and shades wearing Hollywood Hogan best.

  24. Welcome back Mario! My favorite wrestler of all time is STING. From the funky bright colors to his crow like appearance now.

  25. As bad as it may sound Kurt Angle. The one wrestler I got to meet in person. Very polite individual. I am not going to even get what he is done. It is a personal level for me as he took time after his match early in his career (way early) to go above and beyond a meet and greet. Not only did he do the usual signing and photo ops but his trainer along with Kurt were kind enough to treat my friend and I to lunch. We talked about stuff from fitness and training clear up to the politics. That is truly something I will never forget. And, man, he can pack away some food!

  26. i really liked the hot pink bedazzled costumes they would wear in the early 90’s. it was all about the ultimate warrior when i was a kid.

  27. All time favorite is Jummy “Superfly” Snuka. Had the poster on my wall. I was at the match where Snuka jumped off the top of the cage for the first time againt Don Moraco at MSG. I will always remeber that. If I can find the pictures, i will scan them and put them on Ning.

  28. The late, great Mitsuharu Misawa. The man looked like he was actually in a fight in most of his matches. His battles with Kenta Kobashi are the stuff of legend. And who can deny the Tiger Driver ’91?

  29. okay my favorite wrestler as a kid was Koko B. Ware but that was because he was a high flyer and had a parot.

    My favorite wrestler as a youth/young adult was Chris Jericho. He played the perfect heel with his arrogance and wit and all that despite actually being a really nice guy in real life.

  30. My favorite would have to be Stone Cold Steve Austin because he had the best entrance and was so entertaining and just all around BA

  31. Im hoping that relic is fake blood, and not the real deal. Im sure we have all heard of bloodborne pathogens. That freaking thing is gross man! What a great relic to own!


  32. My favorite wrestler to watch was Bradshaw from the Accolytes, specifically when they started their protection agency. I remember a match back in 1999 when Bradshaw was giving Crash Holly an axe handle slam, he tossed him down so hard my friend sitting next to me turned and said “I guess no one told him this is supposed to be fake.”

    I am also partial to Ricky the Dragon Steamboat from when I was a kid. I saw him in a tag team with Hulkster against King Kong Bundy and Bobby Heenan when I was a kid, it was awesome.

  33. My favorite wrestler of all-time is The Undertaker. 17-0 at WrestleMania. A streak that will (probably) never be broken.

  34. My favorite wrestler of all-time is Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. I started watching wrestling in the mid-80’s when Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, and the British Bulldogs ruled the WWF. However, the main reason I watched it was because of the Dragon. Why? Well, I grew up in a neighborhood that had just about every other ethnicity, except Japanese. So as a kid, I turned to sports to support my culture. There was Lenn Sakata and Ron Darling (didn’t know he was Chinese until later on in life) in baseball. Then there was Kristi Yamaguchi… I know… figure skating… seriously? But let’s face it… there weren’t any Japanese-American NBA players… or NFL players… or even NHL players back in the 80’s (at least I didn’t know of any). So yes… I was a Yamaguchi fan. Anyways, back to The Dragon. So, when I first saw this Asian (once again, back then I thought this guy was Japanese) guy on the WWF, I knew he was going to be my idol. In fact, I can still remember him teaming up with the Junk Yard Dog in a tag team match. Welp… sorry for the long story… but thanks Mario for giving me a chance to reminisce my childhood all over again.

  35. Favorite wrestler of all-time: I’ll go with old school Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Before he became a mess of an addict, Roberts was “attitude-era” WWF more than a decade before the official Attitude Era began. He’d come out kick some butt, drape his opponent with Damien and that was that. He could cut a promo just as good as anyone in the business. Plus, if it weren’t for his born-again comeback, we’d have never had the Austin 3:16 catchphrase, which came about in a response to Austin winning King of the Ring over Roberts. Sadly, Roberts’ life appears to be in shambles. I don’t know where he’s at with the wagon, if you will, but I hope for his and his family’s sake he takes care of his demons once and for all.

    PS Even as a kid I hated Hulk Hogan. Every match was the same: Hulk hit, Hulk pummelled, Hulk hulks up, Leg Drop of Doom, game over. Lame, lame, lame.

    PPS Thanks for the contest, Mario (and Topps).

  36. Favorite all-time – “The Loose Cannon” Brian Pillman – loved his “Rogue Horseman” gimmick in WCW, which evolved in ECW and into the WWF. Gone waaaaaaay too soon. Runners up are the British Bulldog and Mr Perfect. Sadly, all of my favorites have gone way too soon.

  37. All time favorite has to be the Hulkster. I had a bunch of friends over to my house to watch Wrestlemania VI. Even with all my friends there, I hid behind our couch and cried because Hogan lost. I was 5 at the time.

    Close second is Jake the Snake just like Ryan.

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